Kölsa (Wiedemar)

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Community Wiedemar

Coordinates 51° 28′ 16″ N, 12° 13′ 56″ O

Residents: 310 (Oct.29, 1946)
Incorporation: 1.January 1994
Zip code: 04509
Area code: 034207

Village church Kölsa

Kölsa is a district of the municipality of Wiedemar in the district of Nordsachsen in the Free State of Saxony (Germany). It belongs to the village of the same name Wiedemar.

Place name

The place name was derived from the Slavic Colsow, which means “place of clearing”.

Geographical position

Kölsa is located in the northwest of Saxony in a wide plain of the Leipzig lowland bay not far from the border to Saxony-Anhalt. The village is separated from Wiedemar, which lies to the west, by the federal motorway 9.


The district of Kölsa was first mentioned in a document in 1158 and belonged as an exclave to the office of Schkeuditz in the high diocese of Merseburg. Henricus de Coltsowe is listed as a witness in a document in 1222. 1446 Thimo von Zehmen on Lissa and Spören has to provide a knight’s horse for Kölsa.[1] 1454 Jacoff von Diszkaw is enfeoffed with the manor Kölsa by the bishop of Merseburg. 1463 Thimo, Nickel and Hans von Zehmen are named as owners of the manor. In 1511 and 1513 Thimo, Christoph and Thilo von Zehmen sell Kölsa to the Bishop of Merseburg.[2] After the Reformation the high diocese was released and in 1565 it was annexed to the Electorate of Saxony. Kölsa was now assigned to the office of Delitzsch.[3] From 1652 onwards, there is no longer any independent manor house mentioned in the village, but only an outlying estate with a sheep farm. Due to the decisions of the Congress of Vienna, Kölsa and the surrounding villages became part of Prussia in 1815 and were assigned to the district of Delitzsch in the administrative district of Merseburg of the province of Saxony in 1816, to which it belonged until 1952.[4] In the course of the district reform in the GDR in 1952 Kölsa was assigned to the newly cut district of Delitzsch in the district of Leipzig, which merged with the district of Delitzsch in 1994.

On 1 January 1994, Kölsa became a district of the municipality of Wiedemar by merger.[5] With the formation of the unified municipality of Wiedemar, the place came on 1 January 2013 to the locality of Wiedemar within the unified municipality.

Silos near Kölsa

In 1992 the Landhandels GmbH Glesien was founded, to which the silo plant near Kölsa belongs.


The federal motorway 9 passes the village in the west, the next junction is No. 14 (Wiedemar/Delitzsch). Between 1927 and 1967 Kölsa had a stop at the Delitzscher Kleinbahn.

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