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Koilanemos/Esenköy (Zypern)
(35° 29′ 30″ N, 34° 8′ 35″O)
Basic data
State: Northern CyprusTürkische Republik Nordzypern Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (de facto)
District: Northern CyprusTürkische Republik Nordzypern İskele
Geographic coordinates: 35° 30′ N, 34° 9′ OCoordinates 35° 30′ N, 34° 9′ O
Residents: 58 (2011)

Koilanemos(Greek Κοιλάνεμος), Turkish Esenköy, is a small village on the Karpas Peninsula in the northeast of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. In 2011, it had a population of 58.[1] The village is located a good 6 km southwest of Yialousa/Yeni Erenköy.

Koilanemos either means ‘windy valley’ (koilada = valley, anemos = wind) and is accordingly derived from Greek, or it is a corruption of the Italian word Collina for “little hill”. The Turkish name Esenköy is a translation of the Greek meaning and also means ‘windy valley’.


The first Ottoman census of 1831 lists 17 household heads, ten of whom were considered Greeks, seven Turks. Apparently, the village was an early Greek settlement with a strong Turkish minority. However, while under British colonial rule the number of Greeks had risen to 55 in 1891, the number of Turks stagnated at 11 and even dropped to 3 by 1901.The village counted 192 inhabitants in 1891.

In 1901 there were 59 Greeks, ten years later 81, in 1921 89 and another ten years later 96 Greeks. The number of Turks, on the other hand, remained much lower. In 1911 there were 6, in 1921 14 and in 1931 again 10. After the Second World War the number of Greeks reached its highest point in 1946 with 136 inhabitants, as did the number of Turks with 17. But after that the population dropped considerably, so that in 1960 only 85 Greeks and 12 Turks were counted in the village, which now had less than 100 inhabitants, after 153 had been counted in 1946.

Throughout the island, tensions between the two ethno-religious groups increased sharply, with most Greeks demanding annexation to Greece (Enosis). In 1958, the Turks fled the village for safety in Famagusta, but most returned in 1960. In December 1963 they had to flee again.

The Greeks, for their part, fled south from the advancing Turkish troops in August 1974. Although 29 Greeks were still living in the village in October 1975, all of them had to leave Koilanemos by December 1976. They lived scattered in the Greek part of the island, their number is now estimated at about 90.

Most of today’s villagers came to Erenköy, as it has since been called, in 1977. Most of them come from the province of Adana in the south of Turkey. Of the original inhabitants, only one family still lives in the village. In 1978, 57 inhabitants were counted, in 1996 there were 61, ten years later 58, a number that was also determined in 2011.

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