Klimasch Passage

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Klimasch Passage
Connects waters Drake Street
with waters Drake Street
Separates land mass Table Island, Bowler Rocks
of land mass Morris Rock, Chaos Reef, Aitcho Islands
Geographical position 62° 21′ 25″ S, 59° 47′ 50″ WCoordinates 62° 21′ 25″ S, 59° 47′ 50″ W
Klimasch-Passage (Südliche Shetlandinseln)
Smallest width 1.9 km

Klimash passage(Bulgarian проток Климаш

Klimasch) is a 1.9km wide strait in the South Shetland Islands archipelago. It runs between Table Island and Bowler Rocks to the northwest and Morris Rock, Chaos Reef and the Aitcho Islands to the southeast.

British scientists mapped it in 1968, Bulgarian in 2009, and in 2013 the Bulgarian Commission for Antarctic Geographical Names named it after the village of Klimash in southeastern Bulgaria.

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