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Kiril Georgiev Donchev, Bulgarian Кирил Дончев (born 21 February 1936 in Burgas, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian composer and conductor.


After Kiril Donchev finished his music studies at the State Conservatory in Sofia in 1959, he worked as a conductor with the orchestra in Burgas for three years until 1962. He then worked as a conductor and composer at the Military Theatre from 1962 to 1971, at the Sofia Theatre from 1972 to 1988 and at the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov” for one year in 1989. In total, he wrote the music for over 240 theatre productions and was responsible as a composer for 60 films from the mid-1960s onwards.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1964: Strange Homeland(Между релсите)
  • 1967: On the sidewalk(По тротоара)
  • 1969: Set out on the path(Тръгни на път)
  • 1973: Census of wild hares(Преброяване на дивите зайци)
  • 1974: Memory(Спомен)
  • 1975: The Examining Magistrate and the Forest(Следователят и гората)
  • 1975: The Garden Party(Вилна зона)
  • 1977: There is only one Earth(Слънчев удар)
  • 1977: Man Time(Мъжки времена)
  • 1979: Ballad of the Black Patent Shoes(Лачените обувки на незнайния воин)
  • 1979: Rali – Adventures in the Ottoman Empire(Рали)
  • 1981: My Friend the Pirate(Йо-хо-хо)
  • 1983: Roses for the singer(За госпожицата и нейната мъжка компания)
  • 1984: The Dam(Стената)
  • 1984: Court file No 205/1913(Дело 205/1913 П. К. Яворов)
  • 1984: Waiting for Someone(Откога те чакам)
  • 1986: Dream Ride(За къде пътувате)
  • 1987: Friday Night(Петък вечер)
  • 1988: What next?(А сега накъде?)
  • 1996: Late Full Moon(Закъсняло пълнолуние)

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