Key to My Soul

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Key to My Soul
Studio album from Sarah Connor


17. November 2003 (DE)
3 May 2004 (Asia)



Label(s) X-Cell/Epic


CD, audio cassette


Pop, R&B

Title (number)



52:06 min.


Kay D., Rob Tyger, Brock Landers, Stephen Shape, Diane Warren

Key to My Soul Sarah Connor / Bounce
Single releases
3. November 2003 Music Is the Key
1. March 2004 Just One Last Dance
Chart positions
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Key to My Soul
EN 8 21.11.2003 (28 Wo.)
AT 11 23.11.2003 (22 Wo.)
CH 12 23.11.2003 (29 Wo.)
Music Is the Key (feat. Naturally 7)
EN 1Template:Infobox Chart Placements/Maintenance/NR1 Link 14.11.2003 (16 Wo.)
AT 6 16.11.2003 (19 Wo.)
CH 2 16.11.2003 (22 Wo.)
Just One Last Dance (feat. Natural)
EN 1Template:Infobox Chart Placements/Maintenance/NR1 Link 12.03.2004 (16 Wo.)
AT 5 14.03.2004 (17 Wo.)
CH 8 14.03.2004 (17 Wo.)

Key to My Soul is the third studio album by German singer Sarah Connor. It was released on 17 November 2003 by X-Cell and Epic Records. The record reached number eight in the German album charts.


Key to My Soul is Connor’s third studio album and was released before her first baby break. For this album, Connor again collaborated with her production team of Kay Denar, Rob Tyger and Triage. Songwriter Diane Warren, who wrote a song for Connor’s second studio album, also contributed a song again with I Want Some of That. The midtempo number Love Is Color-Blind featured American R&B and hip-hop singer TQ as a guest vocalist. Together, they previously featured on Connor’s 2001 debut single Let’s Get Back to Bed – Boy! Love Is Color-Blind is about racial prejudice and calls for more tolerance. The soulful ballad I’m Gonna Find You (Osla Suite) was written by American producer Narada Michael Walden, who has previously written songs for artists such as Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder.[2]

Two singles were released from the album, both of which reached number one in the German singles charts. On 3 November 2003, the first single to be released was Music Is the Key, on which Connor collaborated with the New York a cappella band Naturally 7. On November 8, the song was presented as a TV premiere on Thomas Gottschalk’s Wetten, dass…. As the second and last single, Just One Last Dance was released on March 1, 2004 to shorten Connor’s pregnancy-related downtime. For this she re-recorded the song with the band Natural, in which her partner Marc Terenzi was a member.


Eberhard Dobler of awards two out of five possible points and says the album fully satisfies the expectations of the mainstream and the fans. He praises the quality of the productions, which doesn’t have to hide from those of Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. However, he misses sound experiments and innovative arrangements and writes that Connor does not dare to jump to the next sound level.[3]

Matthias Reichel of gives the album 4 out of 10 points. He calls the pre-release single Music Is The Key ideal for the Christmas business because of its balladic bombast, but thinks that the song cribs brazenly from the song One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men by style and melody line. This impression is reinforced by the New York acapella band Naturally 7. Compared to the previous album, Key to My Soul is quieter. He criticizes that on the album kitsch, bombast and pop reign and comes to the conclusion that the album is a waste of time and no more than well-intentioned elevator music.[4]

Title list

  1. Music Is the Key (feat. Naturally 7) (Rob Tyger, Kay Denar) – 4:37
  2. Love Is Color-Blind (feat. TQ) (Tyger, Denar, Terrance Quaites) – 4:46
  3. Just One Last Dance (Tyger, Denar) – 4:29
  4. My Intuition (Tyger, Denar, Wayne Wilkins, Avril MacKintosh, Maya Singh) – 3:54
  5. Daddy’s Eyes (Brock Landers, Stephen Shape) – 4:08
  6. Whatcha Wearing? (Interlude) (Tyger, Denar) – 0:45
  7. Hasta la vista! (Tyger, Denar) – 3:44
  8. I’m Gonna Find You (Osla Suite) (Tyger, Denar, Shawn Casselle) – 4:46
  9. When Two Become One (Tyger, Denar, Sarah Connor) – 4:51
  10. Are U Ready to Ride? (Tyger, Denar, Casselle) – 3:34
  11. For the People (Tyger, Denar) – 3:19
  12. I Want Some of That (Diane Warren) – 3:50
  13. At the Station (Interlude) (Tyger, Denar, Connor) – 0:44
  14. Every Moment of My Life (Tyger, Denar, Connor, Marc Terenzi) – 4:15
  15. Turn Off the Lights (Tyger, Denar) – 3:23
Bonustrack (Asian Edition)
  1. Bounce (feat. Mr. Freeman)
Bonustrack (Limited Edition)
  1. Making of Just One Last Dance

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