Katharina von Sachsen (1468–1524)

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Lucas Cranach the Elder: Catherine of Saxony

Catherine of Saxony (* 24 July 1468 in Grimma, Saxony; † 10 February 1524 in Calenberg) was the second wife of Siegmund, Archduke of Austria and Regent of Tyrol.


Catherine was the eldest child of Duke Albrecht the Brave of Saxony and his wife Sidonie of Bohemia. In 1484, at the age of 16, she became the second wife of Archduke Siegmund in Innsbruck, who was already 56 years old and considered senile. The marriage remained childless. Politically, Katharina was hardly able to exert any influence in Tyrol. A former mistress of Siegmund’s knitted intrigues against the young bride and falsely claimed in 1487 that Katharina wanted to poison her husband. Since the archduke’s political style was no longer tenable, this was also followed in 1487 by his extensive disempowerment by the Tyrolean estates, who were supported in this by Emperor Frederick III. This was followed by constant quarrels over the new court order that had now been introduced, which imposed restrictions on the archduke. Finally Siegmund abdicated in 1490 and Catherine now had considerably less of a budget than before. Siegmund died in 1496 and Katharina married Duke Erich of Brunswick soon afterwards (c. 1496/97) in a second marriage, but this marriage produced only a daughter Anna Maria, who died young. After her death (1524) Katharina was buried in Münden; her epitaph is by Loy Hering.


Pedigree Catherine of Saxony

Friedrich III. (1332–1381)
⚭ 1346
Catherine of Henneberg (1334-1397)

Heinrich I of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1355-1416)

Sophie of Pomerania (1370-1406)

Leopold III. (1351–1386)
⚭ 1365
Viridis Visconti of Milan (1350-1414)

Ziemowit IV

Alexandra of Lithuania

Boček II of Podiebrad (-1417)

Anna Elisabeth of Leipa




Elector Frederick I of Saxony (1370-1428)
⚭ 1402
Catherine of Brunswick-Lüneburg (1395-1442)

Duke Ernst the Iron (1377-1424)
⚭ 1412
Cimburgis of Mazovia (1394/97-1429)

Victoria of Podiebrad (1403-1427)

Anne of Wartenberg (1403-1427)

Smil of Sternberg (-1431)

Barbara of Pardubice (-1433)


Elector Frederick II (1412-1464)
⚭ 1431
Margaret of Austria (1416-1486)

King George of Podiebrad (1420-1471)
⚭ 1441
Cunegonde of Sternberg (1425-1449)


Duke Albrecht the Brave (1443-1500)
⚭ 1464
Sidonie of Bohemia (1449-1510)

Catherine of Saxony


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