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Katharina Mittermeier (* 2 November 1977 in Augsburg) is a German actress and lyricist.


Mittermeier studied acting, musical and dance at the AMA School in Munich. Already during her training, first play contracts as an actress followed at the Oberbayrische Städtetheater, the Tollwood Festival in Munich and from 1998 to 2000 regularly at the “theater … und so fort” (Munich). Mittermeier appeared in the world premiere of the Ötzi musical “Frozen Fritz” at the Stadttheater Bozen in 2001, directed by Manfred Schweigkofler. Afterwards she was engaged for the Bad Gandersheimer Domfestspiele. In 2002 Mittermeier went on tour in Germany for half a year with the musical “High Society”. In 2003 Mittermeier was engaged at the Staatstheater Braunschweig, since 2004 Mittermeier lives and works freelance in Hamburg.

In addition to acting, Katharina Mittermeier is a sought-after lyricist. Among other things, she wrote the German lyrics for the Disney TV movie “Nine Dogs Christmas” and for the radio play “Gevatter Tod, Teil 1 und 2” by Terry Pratchett for WDR, which resulted in a CD production for Random House/BMG Wort.



  • 2004: Beauty and the Beast
  • 2004: Thalia Vista Social Club
  • 2004: Mothers
  • 2003: In a deep dark forest
  • 2003: The contingent
  • 2003: Lovesickness
  • 2003: The Sams
  • 2003: The Beautiful Game
  • 2002: High Society
  • 2002: Ali Baba
  • 2002: Cabaret
  • 2001: Frozen Fritz
  • 2001: Heroines. Ways
  • 2000: AIDA b/w
  • 2000: Sleepless Lives
  • 1999: Viennese blood
  • 1999: Knife in Hennen

Film and television

  • 2002: Test strips
  • 2002: Coconut Kiss
  • 2002: Jacob
  • 2000: Feel the energy
  • 2000: Business

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