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Basic data
County Kiambu County
Inhabitants (status) 194.342 Inhab. (2019)
Coordinates 0° 42′ S, 37° 11′ OCoordinates 0° 42′ S, 37° 11′ O
Karuri (Kenia)
Karuri (0° 42′ 0″ S, 37° 11′ 0″O)

Karuri is a town in Kiambu County. The town is located just under 20 kilometers south of Nairobi. Also nearby are the towns of Kikuyu, Limuru and Kiambu. It covers an area of 46 km² and has a population of 194,342 (2019 census)


The town is located in a hinterland that has fertile soils. The town enjoys good climatic conditions like most areas in the central region of Kenya. It is situated in the eastern highlands of the Rift Valley, enjoys a temperate climate and is located in a coffee growing zone adjacent to a tea growing zone.

Population development

The following overview shows the population figures according to the respective territorial status.[1]

Year Inhabitants
1989 14.929
1999 19.746
2009 107.754
2019 194.342


Karuri, was established in pre-colonial times as a meeting centre where the paramount chiefs of the Kikuyu met for consultations. The town derives its name from the chief Karuri Wa Gakure, who would travel from Tuthu on the slopes of the Aberdare Range to meet his colleagues


The proximity to Nairobi city and adequate transport facilities have made many people who work in Nairobi and other neighbouring towns move to Karuri to live in cheaper accommodation. It thus has the status of a bedroom community of Nairobi.

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