Karpovka (Kaliningrad)

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Dumbeln (Kranichfelde),
official: Klein Dumbeln (Small Dumbeln) (Small Kranichfelde)

Federation Circle Northwest Russia
Oblast Kaliningrad
Rajon Ozyorsk
Former names Klein Dumbeln (until 1938),
Kleinkranichfelde (1938-1946)
Population 65 inhabitants
(as of 14 Oct. 2010)[1]
Time zone UTC+2
Postal code 238122
License plate 39, 91
OKATO 27 227 816 019
Geographical position
Coordinates 54° 32′ N, 21° 52′ ECoordinates 54° 32′ 10″ N, 21° 52′ 10″O
Karpowka (Kaliningrad) (Europäisches Russland)
(54° 32′ 10″ N, 21° 52′ 10″O)
Situation in the western part of Russia
Karpowka (Kaliningrad) (Oblast Kaliningrad)
(54° 32′ 10″ N, 21° 52′ 10″O)
Location in Kaliningrad Oblast

Karpovka(Russian Карповка, German Klein Dumbeln, 1938-1945 Kleinkranichfelde) is a place in Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia, located in the northwest of Ozyorsk Rajon. The place belongs to the local government unit Munizipalkreis Osjorsk.

The former German village Klein Dumbeln was renamed Karpowka, but it seems that the former German village Dumbeln/Kranichfelde has to be identified with Karpowka, where the village is located today and where it is marked on all known maps. The local post Klein Dumbeln/Kleinkranichfelde is abandoned.

Geographical position

Karpowka is located two kilometres west of Krasnojarskoje (Sodehnen) and two kilometres east of Kusmino (Kurschen). The nearest railway station was Sodehnen on the Lyck-Insterburg railway line until 1945, which no longer exists there.


As a result of World War II, in 1947 the village of Klein Dumbeln was renamed Karpowka.[2] In the Kaliningrad gazetteer of 1976, Karpovka was also identified with Klein Dumbeln. However, there is every indication that the village of Dumbeln, located about four kilometers to the southeast, was actually meant, and in any case Karpovka is located there today.

Until 2008, Karpovka was included in the village soviet or village district Sadovsky selsky sovet (okrug). From 2008 to 2014 the village belonged to the Krasnoyarskoye selskoye posselenie rural municipality, from 2015 to 2020 to the Ozyorsk city district, and since then to the Ozyorsk municipal district.

Small Dumbbells

The former Klein Dumbeln in the southeast of the forest area formerly called Bärenwinkel, which extends southeast of the town of Tschernjachowsk (Insterburg ) (not to be confused with a village of the same name in the district of Goldap/East Prussia) was a district of the rural community of Dumbeln (1938-1945 Kranichfelde) before 1945. It was located in the district of Darkehmen (1939-1945 district of Angerapp) in the administrative district of Gumbinnen of the Prussian province of East Prussia. On 3 June 1938 – with official confirmation on 16 July 1938 – Klein Dumbeln received the name “Kleinkranichfelde”.


It is possible that Dumbeln was the village of Laukegallen, mentioned in 1592 and established between 1565 and 1590.[3] In 1818, 112 inhabitants lived here, whose number increased to 310 by 1863. In 1925 220 people lived here, in 1933 209 and in 1939 still 199.

On 6 May 1874, the village of Dumbeln (1938-1945 Kranichfelde), together with nine other villages, formed the administrative district of Schillehlen[4] (1938-1946 Sillenfelde) and belonged to the administrative district Darkehmen (1939-1945 administrative district Angerapp) in the Prussian province East Prussia. The village was assigned to the registry office Ballethen until 1945 and the children attended the school in Kurschen.


Ecclesiastically, the predominantly Protestant population of Dumbeln or Kranichfelde before 1945 was parochialized in the parish of Ballethen[5] (today Russian: Sadovoye). It belonged to the church district of Darkehmen (1938-1946 Angerapp) in the church province of East Prussia of the Church of the Old Prussian Union.

After church life was forbidden during the Soviet period, individual Protestant congregations re-established themselves in Kaliningrad Oblast in the 1990s. The one closest to Karpovka is the one in the city of Chernyakhovsk(Insterburg) with the parish seat for the church region of Chernyakhovsk, incorporated into the newly established Provostship of Kaliningrad[6] in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of European Russia (ELKER).

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