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Karl Kayser (* 1 February 1843 in Fallersleben; † 16 May 1910 in Göttingen) was a German Lutheran clergyman and church historian.

Life and career

Kayser attended the Johanneum Gymnasium in Lüneburg from 1857 and then studied theology at the University of Göttingen from 1863. After passing his first theological examination, he became rector in Burgdorf. In 1869 he passed the second theological examination, and on April 13, 1870 he was ordained in Linden. He took up his first pastorate in October 1871 at St. George’s Church in Wichmannsburg. In 1877 he became pastor at the Lambertikirche in Hildesheim, and in 1885 pastor and superintendent in Osterode am Harz. From 1888 he was a member of the theological examination board. In 1891 he was transferred to Göttingen as pastor and superintendent at St. Jacobi. In 1904 he was appointed an extraordinary member of the state consistory.

History Research

Karl Kayser also earned merits for the research of the church history of Lower Saxony. For work in the Vatican archives he undertook a journey to Italy in 1894. The following year he was one of the founders of the journal of the Society for Lower Saxon Church History. The visitation protocols of the church visitations in the Guelph territories, which he published in 1897, are still one of the most important sources for the history of the Reformation in Lower Saxony. For the Society for Lower Saxon Church History, he also published the series “Die hannoverschen Pfarren und Pfarrer seit der Reformation” (The Hanoverian parishes and pastors since the Reformation), a directory ofpastors organized by inspection, which was only replaced as a standard work in the 1940s by the new edition of the complete edition by Philipp Meyer(Die Pastoren der Landeskirchen Hannovers und Schaumburg Lippes, Göttingen 1941/42).


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  • Estate in the Landeskirchliches Archiv Hannover (fonds N 3)