Just Inès

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Original title Just Inès
Country of production United Kingdom
Original language English
Year of publication 2010
Length 93 minutes
Directed by Marcel Grant
Script Marcel Grant
Production Marcel Grant
Richard Hart
Richard Thompson
Music Michael J McEvoy
Camera Michael Elphick
Edited by Kant Pan
  • Daniel Weyman: Tom Jackson
  • Caroline Ducey: Inès Cole
  • Barbara Cabrita: Olivia
  • Veronica Roberts: Tom’s Mum
  • Alice O’Connell: PJ

Just Inès is a 2010 British film directed by Marcel Grant. The film depicts the story of Tom Jackson, who is trying to become a better person after serving a prison sentence. However, he only manages to do so through a new figure in his life, his mysterious neighbour Inès, played by French actress Caroline Ducey. Tom is interpreted by British actor Daniel Weyman, best known from London theatre

The film was shot in London and France by the production company Dancing Brave Pictures. It celebrated its world premiere at the Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival[1] and was subsequently screened at the Cairo International Film Festival[2] and was screened at the Cairo International Film Festival. In the US, the film is currently distributed by Synkronized.[3]


The film begins by showing clips from Tom’s current life. He is a businessman, lost in his material and superficial world. He is also cheating on his wife with a mistress who harshly condemns his lifestyle. His wife finds out about the affair and threatens to leave Tom. As a result, he loses control and brutally beats her up. He has to go to prison for six months

After imprisonment, he spends time with his mother and brother, who live in a mobile home in the absence of his father, who died at an early age. He decides to move to London. After initial problems with the estate agent over his imprisonment are resolved, he moves into a meagre flat in the Bloomsbury district of London

Self-doubt and loneliness are now the content of his days. Eventually he befriends a girl called PJ, and through her Tom gets some warmth and colour back into his life. But then he meets his attractive neighbour Inès. A tender connection develops between the two

This quiet and mysterious woman interests Tom. When he eventually learns details about her history, it also puts his own problems back into perspective. Despite the pain, there is always hope


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