Juan de Dios Orozco

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Juan de Dios Orozco (* in Rivas) was briefly president of Nicaragua in 1843.


After plans for the annexation of Central America by Mexico under Agustín de Itúrbide failed in 1823, the Intendent of León, Bishop García Jerez, a supporter of the annexation, fled fled León, and a commission composed of Juan de Dios Orozco, Father Dionisio Urcuyo Crespín, and the Alcalde of Sutiaba, Juan Hernández, transferred the Intendencia (leadership of the cabildos) of León to Brigadier González Saravia.[1]

A second law on the organs of state was enacted in 1838, creating the office of Supremo Director, with a term of two years. The term of Pablo Buitrago, who was the first to hold this office, ended on April 1, 1843, and the office was held provisionally by Juan de Dios Orozco. During his term of office elections were held, which, according to the press, were held in complete freedom. However, no candidate achieved a qualified majority, which is why Manuel Pérez was elected to the office by the parliament.[2]

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Predecessor Office Successor
Pablo Buitrago Director Supremo of Nicaragua
1 April 1843-31 May 1843
Manuel Pérez