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Josef Klingler (* 27 April 1934 in Wildschönau; † 20 August 2010) was an Austrian educationalist and rector of the University of Education in Klagenfurt.


After completing eight grades of elementary school, Klingler graduated from the Innsbruck Teacher Training College. After completing this training, Josef Klinger worked as an elementary school teacher from 1953 to 1955, before moving to the Innsbruck-Hötting secondary school in 1956. In the same year he began studying education at the University of Innsbruck. After receiving his doctorate, Klingler taught at the Pedagogical Academy in Feldkirch and at the Vocational Pedagogical Institute in Innsbruck before being assigned to the newly founded University of Education in Klagenfurt in 1970.

In 1974 he habilitated there with the thesis “Before the school system all children are equal? On the forcibly created justice of performance measurement and selection” and was appointed Professor of School Education. Josef Klingler was elected rector of what is now the University of Education in 1977 and held this office until 1979. Afterwards he was active in various academic functions, for example as head of the Institute for School Pedagogy and Social Pedagogy and from 1990 to 1998 as chairman of the Study Commission for Pedagogy. Even after his retirement in 2002, Josef Klingler remained associated with the University of Klagenfurt as a lecturer. Outside the university, Klingler was active in adult education, among other things for the Austrian Ministry of the Interior.

Josef Klingler was married and father of eight children.[1]


In 2008 Klingler was awarded the University’s Ring of Honour for his services to “the expansion and shaping of Klagenfurt University as a socially significant and educational institution”.[2]


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