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José Chávez Trowe[1] (* June 2, 1916 in Torreón, Coahuila; † July 12, 1988 in Mexico City) was a Mexican actor. His period of activity in film and television productions spanned from the late 1930s to 1990. With over 300 casts in films and television series, he is considered one of his country’s most popular and leading character actors, and also took on major roles in U.S. film productions, especially westerns.[1]


Chávez began his acting career in the late 1930s with smaller supporting roles. He got his first roles in historical films and biblical monumental films. From the mid-1960s and in the 1970s, the focus was on Westerns. He usually played the head henchman of the main antagonist and stood out with his distinctive voice. In addition to castings in feature films, he was among others in episodic roles in the television series Tennis Rackets and Guns or Smoking Colts. In 1970, he appeared alongside Clint Eastwood in the western A Vulture’s Feast. From the 1980s he was frequently in anti and war films as well as horror films such as Macabra – The Hand of the Devil.

He was married to María del Carmen Benitez.[2] He died of natural causes on 12 July 1988 at the age of 72.[2]

Filmography (selection)

  • 1938: Los millones de Chaflán
  • 1945: Rosalinda
  • 1952: El mártir del calvario
  • 1954: Robinson Crusoe
  • 1956: Towards the Sun ( Run for the Sun)
  • 1958: The Secret of the 14 Ghost Riders ( Los Diablos del Terror)
  • 1958: Fight to the Death ( The Last of the Fast Guns)
  • 1967: San Sebastian (La Bataille De San Sebastian)
  • 1968: Tennis Rackets and Guns (I Spy) (TV Series, Episode 3×19)
  • 1968: Gunsmoke ( TV series, Episode 14×03)
  • 1969: The Wild Bunch – They Knew No Law (The Wild Bunch)
  • 1970: The Bridge inthe Jungle (The Bridge in the Jungle)
  • 1970: Two Mules for Sister Sara (Two Mules for Sister Sara)
  • 1981: Macabra – The Hand of the Devil (Demonoid: Messenger of Death)
  • 1982: Deadly Encounter(Drift Hunt in the Clouds )
  • 1984: The Hunt for the Green Diamond ( Romancing the Stone)

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