Jonas Kern

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Jonas Kern (* 7 July 1946 as Dieter Kern in Strausberg) is a German writer.


Jonas Kern studied economics; he graduated in 1976. He then taught German courses for migrants. After publishing a number of books of poetry in the 1980s and 1990s, he is now active – mostly in collaboration with Thomas Klarmeyer – as a writer of television scripts, including comedy. Kern has lived in Cologne since 1951.

Works (selection)

  • Objects of daily use. Edition Fundamental, Cologne 1985.
  • The fat. Edition Fundamental, Cologne 1986 (+ 1 audio cassette).
  • Makeup, makeup. Misogynist poems. Edition Fundamental, Cologne 1986.
  • The Art of Fugue. According to instructions by Johann Sebastian Bach. Edition Fein, Cologne 1987.
  • Goth of English – Goethe in English. Landpresse, Weilerswist 1997, ISBN 3-930137-67-4.
  • PISA test with Jörg Pilawa. The book for the series. Mentor-Verlag, Munich 2006, ISBN 978-3-580-63252-6 (together with Thomas Klarmeyer)[1]

Individual references

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