John de Vescy († 1295)

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John de Vescy (* after 1265; † 27 April 1295 at Conwy) was an English knight and civil servant. He was the last male member of the Anglo-Norman noble family Vescy.

John was the only son of William de Vescy, a knight in the king’s service, and of Isabel of Periton, widow of Robert of Welles († 1265) and second daughter of Adam of Periton. His mother became co-heiress of his grandfather’s estates in Northumberland. His father inherited the estates of his brother John de Vescy in 1289, and in the following year became royal Justiciar of Ireland. Thereupon he had to resign his office as judge of the Forests north of Trent, which King Edward I. immediately passed on to John. From 1291 to 1292 John represented his father’s claim to the Scottish throne without much emphasis.[1] He died during the suppression of a Welsh rebellion in North Wales and was buried at Malton Priory in Yorkshire.[2]

On 16 July 1290 John had married at Westminster Clemence d’Avaugour († 1343), a daughter of Marie de Beaumont and Henry d’Avaugour († 1301) and kinswoman of the English queen Eleanor.[3] The marriage had remained childless. His widow was granted Stapleton in Lincolnshire as a widow’s estate, but after 1307 lived mostly in France.[4] As John was the only legitimate son of William de Vescy, the latter sought to bequeath part of his estates to John’s illegitimate half-brother William de Vescy after John’s death.

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