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Johannes Schaefer (* 20 July 1963 in Bad Cannstatt) is a German singer, actor, voice actor, director and singing teacher. He lives and works in Hamburg.

Life and work

Schaefer did an apprenticeship as a bricklayer at the Freie Waldorfschule in Reutlingen after completing his technical college entrance qualification and then studied social pedagogy in Hamburg. He began his artistic career in 1993 with the training “Singing and Movement” at the Monsun School in Hamburg and switched in 1995 to the KUNSTWERK e. V. in the further training “3 Ways of Expression – Singing, Dance and Acting”. He took lessons with Frank Curtis (musical), Gilles Petit (modal singing), Iris Moore (jazz), Juri Vasiljev (voice), Thomas Niese (rhythm), YANCI (pantomime), Susanne Christmann and Adam Breadpiece (free movement). He studied for two years at the Musikseminar Hamburg with Holger Lampson (classical singing) and Michael Hartenberg (choral conducting). Afterwards he completed an acting education first at the Michael Tschechow Studio Berlin, then at the Hamburger Schule für Sprech- und Schauspielkunst, which he finished in 2003 with the stage maturity examination.

He is active as an actor, narrator, director and musical director in theatre productions (including “Elfen im Park”[1], Theater Mignon[2], Theater ik’s[3]HefE – Hamburgs simple free ensemble, radio play productions, short films, his own productions[4]) and lecturer for singing, acting and movement.

He founded the “Chansonerie – School for Stage Singing, Music and Acting” in Hamburg in 1996. Since 2008 he has been leading the Abraxas Singing School. His singing lessons are characterized by a holistic and sensitive approach. He teaches rhythms on the basis of TaKeTiNa. Voice education and training is done through mindful practice, including singing ragas based on the tones of the Indian tone scale: sa-re-ga-ma-pa-da-ni.[5]

Together with Evgeni Mestetschkin, Schaefer has been running the accredited acting school with BAföG entitlement: “iact – Schauspielschule für Film und Theater” in Hamburg since 2011,[6]

In 2014, he played an episodic role in the crime series “SOKO Wismar”. In a number of smaller theater productions[7] johannes Schaefer has directed. In 2016, for example, he staged the world premiere of the play “Die Jungfernfahrt – Arm in Arm, Leben und Sterben auf der Titanic” by Otto Junggeburth[8]. The theatre performance production was financed as a crowdfunding project.[9]

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