Johann Gottfried Zehler

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Geological Map of the Siebengebirge by Johann Gottfried Zehler (1837)

Johann Gottfried Zehler (* 1811 in Gröben; † 1873 in Zeitz) was a German teacher and naturalist.


Johann Gottfried Zehler studied under Georg August Goldfuss at the Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn and after his studies worked as a natural history teacher in Krefeld from 1836 to 1838. He was an external member of the seminar for the whole natural sciences at the Rhenish Friedrich-Wilhelms-University and a friend of Hermann Friedrich Emmrich, Heinrich Ernst Beyrich and Gustav Wohlers, to whom he dedicated his book about the Siebengebirge, published in 1837. In doing so, he created a geological map of the Siebengebirge on a scale of about 1:25000, oriented northeast, and listed in his work, among other sites, the fossils known to him from what is now called the Rott fossil deposit. In later years he ran the Kapitelschenke in Zeitz as a private scholar.


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