Jewish cemetery (Goldberg)

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The Jewish Cemetery Goldberg was a Jewish cemetery in Goldberg in the district of Ludwigslust-Parchim in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It was levelled in 1950 and later built over.


The cemetery was located on Güstrower Straße, corner of John-Brinckman-Straße near the municipal cemetery. The plot of 742 m² was sold to the city by the Jewish provincial community in 1950.


The time of foundation of the cemetery is not known. The last burial took place in 1918. A desecration in the time of the National Socialism is not handed down. In 1950 the city bought the property for 400 Marks from the state municipality. The completely overgrown area was cleared in 1953. Until 1988 it served as a garden, then the property was built over with a department store. The installation of a commemorative plaque was forbidden by the state authorities of the GDR. A memorial plaque is still missing today.

The former synagogue at Jungfernstraße 36, built in 1845, was used commercially after the First World War. In 1925, the Catholic Church acquired the building. After several alterations, it has been used for worship since then. A memorial plaque in the courtyard refers to the building’s origins.


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