Jean I. d’Harcourt

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Jean I d’Harcourt, called le Prud’homme (b. c. 1198; † 5 November 1288), was a vice-count of Saint-Sauveur-le-Vicomte, lord of Harcourt and Elbeuf. He was a son of Richard d’Harcourt and Jeanne de la Roche-Tesson.

Crest Jeans I. d’Harcourt

Jean took part in the Sixth Crusade to Egypt (1248-1250) in the entourage of King Louis IX and, with his son of the same name, in the Seventh Crusade to Tunisia (1270). He founded the Augustinian priory of Notre-Dame du Parc near Harcourt Castle in 1257, where he was also buried.

He was married from about 1240 to Alix de Beaumont († 4 October 1275), a daughter of the royal chamberlain Jean de Beaumont-Gâtinais. Their numerous children included:

  • Jean II d’Harcourt (1245-1302), Marshal of France
  • Robert d’Harcourt († 1315), from 1291 bishop of Coutances
  • Guy d’Harcourt, from 1303 Bishop of Lisieux
  • Agnès d’Harcourt, abbess of Longchamp from 1263 to 1279, author of the Vie d’Isabelle de France
  • Jeanne d’Harcourt, from 1312 Abbess of Longchamp


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