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Jannik Schümann at the Askania Award 2016

Jannik Schümann (born 30 November 1992[1] in Hamburg) is a German actor, musical performer and voice actor.


Jannik Schümann grew up in the Kirchwerder district of Hamburg.[2] As a child, he became enthusiastic about jazz dance and hip-hop.[3] His fondness for dancing landed him the role of Little Mozart (Amadé) in the German premiere of the musical of the same name at Hamburg’s Neuer Flora at the age of nine.[2] In the process, Schümann was discovered by an agent who signed him and gave him acting lessons in the following years.[3]

In 2003, a first television role followed in an episode of the ZDF series Die Rettungsflieger. In 2004, Schümann voiced the youthful title role alongside Gisela Trowe in the German radio play version of Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s story Oskar und die Dame in Rosa.[4] In 2007, he appeared in the two-part television series Das Glück am anderen Ende der Welt as Heiner Lauterbach’s son and as murder suspect Felix Freiberg in Tatort: Liebeshunger with Robert Atzorn as Inspector Jan Casstorff. From 2007/08 followed the role of Florian alongside Kerstin Marie Mäkelburg and Jerry Marwig in the world premiere of the Udo Jürgens musical Ich war noch niemals in New York at the Hamburg Operettenhaus.[5] In addition to other guest roles in television series and serials, he dubbed the main roles for the feature films Die drei ???Das Geheimnis der Geisterinsel (2007) and WinneToons – Die Legende vom Schatz im Silbersee (2009). He also voiced the part of Justus Jonas in The Three ??? in the follow-up film The Three ??? – Das verfluchte Schloss (2009) as well as for the radio play series Die drei ??? Kids. Schümann had recurring television roles in children’s and youth series as the idolized soccer coach and alleged arsonist in Die Pfefferkörner (2009) as well as in the English-language production Emma’s Chatroom (2010/11).

In June 2010, he also appeared in a guest role as Moritz Schreiner in the episode Wenn alles zerbricht (When everything breaks ) in the ZDF television crime series Kommissarin Lucas, where he plays a teenager who, together with his friends, is discovered by his teacher Eric Klausmann during illegal shooting practice in the forest, who they then kidnap and hide.

Schümann became known to a wider audience through his role in the award-winning television film Homevideo (2011). In the drama about cyber-bullying among schoolchildren, he was seen in the supporting role of the scheming Henry, who posts a compromising video of his classmate Jakob (played by Jonas Nay) on the Internet. The Süddeutsche Zeitung criticized that it would have been braver to devote more time to the role of the perpetrator. “Henry seeks power. What drives him to mercilessly play it out remains open.”[6] Schümann was nominated for Bunte magazine’s New Faces Award in 2012 for his portrayal, but came up short to fellow home video star Jonas Nay. In the same year, Schümann made his cinema debut with the supporting role of Mario in Christian Petzold’s drama Barbara and was seen as the hyperactive, internet-savvy and pill-popping son of a headmaster (Herbert Knaup) in Martin Enlen’s TV film Mittlere Reife. The young cast of Isabel Bongard, Sonja Gerhardt, Vincent Redetzki, Anton Rubtsov and Schümann was awarded a special prize by the jury at the 2012 Hessian Television Awards.

In early September 2013, he appeared for a second time in the TV crime series Tatort, where he played the teenage Konstantin Auerbach in the penultimate joint case of the Berlin investigative team Ritter and Stark entitled Gegen den Kopf, in which he and his friend Achim Wozniak kick a 38-year-old man to death in a subway station for a trivial reason. In October 2013, he played young Felix Larson in the Bella Block crime thriller Angeklagt, who, out of anger at his mother, joined his girlfriend in kidnapping his little sister and sedating her with pills. The same month saw the release of Gregor Schnitzler’s film adaptation Spieltrieb, based on Juli Zeh’s novel Spieltrieb, in which he took on the male lead role of Alev. In the bestselling film adaptation of Andreas Steinhöfel’s Die Mitte der Welt, he took on the role of Nicholas.

In the TV feature film Mein Sohn Helen, which aired on Das Erste in April 2015, he starred as 16-year-old Finn Wilke, who returns after a year abroad in San Francisco as a girl named Helen. Since May 2016, he has taken on the role of Nikolaus Tanz, the assistant to Ambassador Karla Lorenz, played by Natalia Wörner, in the TV series Die Diplomatin. In early December 2018, he appeared for the third time in the TV series Tatort, this time in the Christmas edition of Batic and Leitmayr in Wir kriegen euch alle as Louis Grein, who is humiliated by his father Volker.

In 2019, in the second season of the historical series Charité, he played Otto Marquardt, a medical officer and brother of medical student Anni Waldhausen, who falls forbiddenly in love with surgical nurse Martin Schelling. As of October 2019, he could be seen in German cinemas in Dem Horizont so nah as kickboxer and model Danny Taylor, who is severely scarred by his childhood – he was beaten and raped. For the ProSieben TV movie 9 Tage wach (2020) he took on the role of crystal meth addict actor Eric Stehfest.

Private life

On December 26, 2020, Schümann posted a photo on Instagram with his partner and outed himself as queer.[7][8] Numerous fellow actors, including Anna Maria Mühe, Kostja Ullmann, Vladimir Burlakov and Clemens Schick, sent congratulations and congratulated Schümann, who stated on his Instagram account that he was “overwhelmed” by the positive reactions.[9][10][11] Jannik Schümann lives in Berlin and Hamburg.



  • 2003: The rescue pilots (TV series, episode Rivals in the cockpit)
  • 2007: Happiness at the other end of the world (TV movie)
  • 2007: Crime scene: Love hunger (TV series)
  • 2009: Stubbe – From case to case: In the blind spot (TV series)
  • 2009: The Peppercorns (TV series, 4 episodes)
  • 2010: Commissioner Lucas – When everything breaks (TV series)
  • 2010: SOKO Wismar (TV series, episode The Prophecy)
  • 2010: Garmischer Bergspitzen (television film)
  • 2010-2011: Emma’s Chatroom (TV series, 11 episodes)
  • 2011: Notruf Hafenkante (TV series, episode Eltern – nein, danke!)
  • 2011: Homevideo (TV movie)
  • 2011: The Old Man (TV series, episode Schleichendes Gift)
  • 2012: Remote Controlled (short film)
  • 2012: Coast Guard (TV series, episode Lost Innocence)
  • 2012: Barbara
  • 2012: Middle maturity (TV movie)
  • 2012: SOKO Köln (TV series, episode Murder after school hours)
  • 2012: Polizeiruf 110: Eine andere Welt (TV series)
  • 2013: The Teacher (TV series, episode I said yes, I’m a teacher)
  • 2013: The Inventor’s Bride (TV movie)
  • 2013: Lotta & the Happy Future (TV series)
  • 2013: Play instinct
  • 2013: Heiter bis tödlich: Morden im Norden (TV series, episode Über Bord)
  • 2013: Bella Block: Accused (TV series)
  • 2013: Crime Scene: Against the Head
  • 2014: Katie Fforde: The Sea Inside You (TV series)
  • 2014: Six in One Prank: The Three Feathers (TV series)
  • 2015: SCHULD after Ferdinand von Schirach (TV series, episode Die Illuminaten)
  • 2015: The Cold Truth (TV movie)
  • 2015: My son Helen (TV movie)
  • 2015: Großstadtrevier (TV series, episode Born Losers)
  • 2016: LenaLove
  • 2016: The Midwife II (TV movie)
  • 2016: Alarm for Cobra 11 (TV series, episode Deadly Profit)
  • 2016: The middle of the world
  • since 2016: The Diplomat (TV series)
    • 2016: The embassy attack
    • 2016: Kidnapping in Manila
    • 2018: Hunting through Prague
    • 2019: Bad Game
    • 2020: Deadly Alibi
  • 2017: Youth without God
  • 2017: Boundless (Submergence)
  • 2017: High Society
  • 2018: Crime scene: We’ll get you all
  • 2019: Charité (TV series, 6 episodes)
  • 2019: No Man’s Land – The Aftermath ( The Aftermath)
  • 2019: Rate Your Date
  • 2019: Days of the Last Snow (TV movie)
  • 2019: So close to the horizon
  • 2020: 9 days awake
  • 2020: Monster Hunter
  • 2021: Tribes of Europa (TV series)

Voice actor

  • 2007: The Three ??? – Das Geheimnis der Geisterinsel(The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island; role: Justus Jonas)
  • 2009: The Three ??? – Das verfluchte Schloss(The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle; role: Justus Jonas)
  • 2009: WinneToons – The Legend of the Treasure in Silver Lake (animated film; role: Bobby)
  • 2010: Dance Academy (TV series; role: Sean)
  • 2012: The Lorax (Role: Ted)
  • 2016: Eddie the Eagle – Alles ist möglich(Eddie the Eagle; Role: Matti Nykänen)
  • 2019: Shadowhunters (TV series; role: Jonathan Morgenstern)

Musical roles

  • 2001-2002: Mozart (Neue Flora, Hamburg; role: Amadé)
  • 2004: Oliver Twist (Kampnagel, Hamburg)
  • 2008: I have never been in New York (Operettenhaus, Hamburg; role: Florian)

Radio plays

  • 2013: E. M. Cioran: Vom Nachteil, geboren zu sein – Director: Kai Grehn (Radio play – SWR)
  • 2013: Mark Twain: The Mysterious Stranger (Theodor) – Director: Kai Grehn (radio play – DLR)
  • 2017: TKKG: Ein Paradies für Diebe (Episode 202) – Director: Heikedine Körting (Sony Music Entertainment Germany)

Audio books

  • 2019: William Arden: The Three ???: Jannik Schümann reads …und der Phantomsee (Audiobook, read by Jannik Schümann), Europe.
  • 2021: Takis Würger: Noah – Von einem, der überlebte (Audiobook, read by Aaron Altaras, Jannik Schümann, Sabin Tambrea, Adriana Altaras, Anna Thalbach), Random House Audio


  • 2012: Nomination for the New Faces Award for Homevideo (Best Newcomer Actor)
  • 2012: Hessian Television Award – Special Jury Prize for Middle Maturity (together with Isabel Bongard, Sonja Gerhardt, Vincent Redetzki, Anton Rubtsov)
  • 2016: Askania Award (Shooting Star Award)
  • 2018/2019: Winner of the election for the “most beautiful man in Berlin”[12] (at Mit Vergnügen)
  • 2020: Jupiter Award – “Best Actor National” for So Close to the Horizon[13]

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