Jane Crulci

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Jane Elizabeth Crulci(Jane Hamilton-White; b. 1964, South Africa) was a Justice of the Supreme Court of Nauru from 2014 to 2017.[1][2]


Crulci was admitted (was called to the Bar) by The Inner Temple in 1990 after completing post-graduate studies at the Inns of Court School of Law in London. She has worked in seven Commonwealth of Nations countries as a barrister, as well as in legal and judicial development and the judiciary

She worked as a Crown prosecutor in post-conflict prosecutions in the United Kingdom, Australia, Fiji and the Solomon Islands[3], as Principal Magistrate of the Solomon Islands (c. 2003-2005),[4][5][6][7] as well as Public Solicitor of St. Helena (South Atlantic Ocean; c. 2006-2008), Justice Sector Adviser in Papua New Guinea (c.2008-2011) and Justice of the Supreme Court of Nauru (c.2014- 2017).

She was the first female Principal Magistrate of the Solomon Islands and the first female magistrate in Nauru[8]

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