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Ísis Pop Esporte Clube was a short-lived football club from São Paulo that was one of the pioneers of women’s football in Brazil. Its colours were red and white.


The club was founded in 1982 by Newton de Castro Ribeiro, a businessman, lawyer and former América Mineiro player. His ambition with the project was to establish an equal counterweight in women’s football to the better-known EC Radar from Rio de Janeiro. He was able to secure Palmeiras legend César Maluco as coach for his squad, which was recruited with young talent. In the 1983 competition for São Paulo’s first women’s state championship, so dubbed by the city authorities, the team reached the final but were defeated by a players’ union of daughters of the local military police. As a result, Ribeiro strengthened his team with players from the winning team. After a 5-0 defeat in the prestige clash against Radar, which was televised nationally by Rede Bandeirantes, he poached a number of players from the rivals, including Mariléia dos Santos (aka ‘Michael Jackson’).

Regardless of his commitment to women’s football, Newton Ribeiro had not hidden his distaste for homosexuality. After learning of the lesbian relationships of two of his players, he ended the project in 1984. Most of the Ísis players then joined CA Juventus or returned to Radar.

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