Immenstadt Horn

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Immenstadt Horn
Nordseite des Immenstädter Horns

North side of the Immenstädter Horn

Height 1488.9 mabovesea level
Location Bavaria, Germany
Mountain Pre-Alps west of the Iller, Allgäu Alps
Dominance 2.6 km → Steineberg
Schartenhöhe 170 m ↓ On thealp
Coordinates 47° 33′ 15″ N, 10° 11′ 9″ OCoordinates 47° 33′ 15″ N, 10° 11′ 9″O
Immenstädter Horn (Bayern)
Immenstädter Horn

Rock Nagelfluh

The Immenstädter Horn (also called Gerenstein or short Horn ) is a mountain in the southwest of Immenstadt in the Allgäu with an altitude of 1489 m. It is located at the Nagelfluhketten in the Allgäu Alps. It is located in the Nagelfluh ranges in the Allgäu Alps. Like the other mountains in the region, it is also made of Nagelfluh. It is part of the international project Nagelfluhkette Nature Park.


The Immenstädter Horn is the easternmost part of the Prodel-Schichtkamm of the Allgäu Nagelfluh-Schichtkämme. It is the local mountain of Immenstadt and borders the more western Gschwender Horn. The summit is in the forest, so you don’t have a good view from there, but from the so-called Kanzel(1106 m) you have a good view of Immenstadt. It can be reached via the rather steep ascent coming from the Steigbachtal.


The landslide of 22 March 2006 on the eastern side posed a short-term danger to the inner city, as the debris masses of about 150,000 m³ moved in the direction of the Steigbach valley.

Hiking trails

Coming from Immenstadt, the following hiking trails lead to the summit:

  • Steigbach valley – Kanzel(1106 m) summit (duration approx. 2 hours)
  • Steigbach valley – Alpe Wildegund(1315 m) summit (duration approx. 2 hours)
  • Steigbach valley – Alpe Alp(1320 m) summit (duration approx. 2½ hours)
  • Steigbachtal – Kemptener Naturfreundehaus(1450 m) Alpe Alp (1320m) – summit (duration approx. 3 hours)

The mountain can be climbed from Bühl via the following routes:

  • Bühl – Rieder – Alpe Rabennest – Alpe Kessel(1243 m) summit (duration approx. 2½ hours)


There are severalalpine pastures on the slopes of the Immenstädter Horn: the Alpe Wildegund(1315 m), the Alpe Alp ( 1320m) and the Alpe Kessel (1243 m).

Mountain fair

The Hornmesse, a mountain mass, takes place annually at the beginning of October at the summit cross of the Immenstädter Horn. It is organised by the Immenstadt mountain rescue service and the Immenstadt-Bühl-Rauhenzell parish council and musically accompanied by a delegation from the Bühl music band.[1]



  • Siegbert Eckel: Immenstädter Miniaturen. Stories and histories from the town. Immenstadt 2009.

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