Îles du Roi Georges

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Îles du Roi Georges
Waters Pacific
Archipelago Tuamotu Archipelago
Geographical position 14° 20′ S, 145° 20′ WCoordinates 14° 20′ S, 145° 20′ W
Îles du Roi Georges (Französisch-Polynesien)
Îles du Roi Georges

Number of islands 5 atolls
Total land area 64 km²
Inhabitants 2730 (2002)


The Îles du Roi Georges (Eng: King George Islands) are a group of islands in the northwestern area of the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia.

The archipelago consists in the west of the two inhabited atolls Manihi and Ahe, which administratively belong to the municipality of Manihi. In the eastern area are the inhabited atolls Takapoto and Takaroa and the uninhabited coral island Tikei, which form the municipality of Takaroa. The total land area of all the islands is 64 km², and the area including the lagoons is 516 km². The archipelago has about 2730 inhabitants (as of 2002).

The islands were discovered for Europe in the year 1616 by the Dutch seafarers
Willem Cornelisz Schouten and Jacob Le Maire. The islands received their current name from the British navigator and admiral John Byron in honour of King George III.

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