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Ihor Pavlyuk (2009)

Ihor Synoviyovych Pavlyuk(Ukrainian І́гор Зино́війович Павлю́к; born 1 January 1967 in Ushova, Volyn Oblast, Ukrainian SSR) is a Ukrainian author.
Ihor Pavlyuk is the winner of the English P.E.N. Club Award 2013[1][2].

Ihor Pavlyuk holds a doctorate in social communication.


Ihor Pavlyuk’s mother died 10 days after his birth. He grew up with his maternal grandparents in the town of Chełm.

Pavlyuk studied at the Military Academy at the Institute of Engineering in Saint Petersburg, where his career as a writer began. Because of the content of some of his poems, he was sentenced to penal servitude in the taiga. There he continued to write poetry, filled with longing for his Ukrainian homeland. From 1986 to 1992 Ihor Pavlyuk studied in Lviv at the Faculty of Journalism at the National Ivan Franko University, and worked as a reporter for the religious press and radio.

He has lived in Lviv since 1987, but has had a job in Kiev since 2003.

He is a participant of international literary festivals in Estonia, Georgia, Belarus, the United States, Poland, Turkey and Ireland. He is also the author of international publications about Volynia.

His works have been translated into several languages.

Ihor Pavlyuk’s poems have been published in prestigious journals around the world, such as Envoi, Acumen, The Apple Valley Review, Barnwood International Poetry Mag, Muddy River Poetry Review, Le zaporogue, and in Russian in Literary Gazette (Литературной газете).


  • Islands of Youth (1990) Острови юності
  • No Wind From Here (1993) Нетутешній вітер
  • Voice of the Day Moon (1994) Голос денного Місяця
  • Glass Tavern (1995) Скляна корчма
  • Allergy to Eternity (1999) Алергія на вічність
  • The Element (2002) Стихія
  • Male fortune telling (2002) Чоловіче ворожіння
  • The Angel (or) English? (Poems by Ihor Pavlyuk in English) (2004)
  • Magma (2005) Магма
  • Rebellion (2006) Бунт
  • Chamber tone (2007) Камертон
  • Poetry (2008) Лірика
  • Ukraine in smoke (2009) Україна в диму
  • Stratosphere (2010) Стратосфера
  • Catching autumn spiders (“Catching Gossamers”) (2011) Ловлячи осінні павутинки
  • A Flight Over the Black Sea, (USA), EC Publishing LLC, (Політ над Чорним морем), 2019
  • Arthania, (USA), Dorrance Publishing Company, (Артанія), 2020
  • Redeemer (2021) Спас
Prose Works
  • Biography of the tree from the trunk of poets (2003) Біографія дерева племені поетів
  • Forbidden Bloom (2007) Заборонений цвіт
  • The Waxing of Diamonds (2016) Вирощування алмазів
  • Artists – power – press: historical-typological analysis (1997) Митець – Влада – Преса: історико-типологічний аналіз
  • Diagnostics and Prognostics of Lies: Excursions into the Theory of Communication (2003) Діагностика прогностика брехні: екскурси в теорію комунікації
  • Writers in the press (2010) Письменники у пресі

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