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.ie is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Ireland. It was introduced on 27 January 1988 and is administered by the company IE Domain Registry (IEDR).[1]


Domains are assigned exclusively at the second level. They may be between 3 and 63 characters long in total and contain only alphanumeric characters, special characters according to the Punycode method are supported.[2] Compared to other top-level domains, very strict criteria apply to registration: For example, companies must provide an excerpt from the commercial register or, in the case of domains whose names resemble their products, proof of advertising and actual sales. A business relationship with Ireland must also be proven, unless there is a branch in the country anyway. Owners of a trademark registered in the European Union can easily register it as an .ie domain.[3]

There have been isolated cases of certain domains being rejected by the IEDR. The most prominent example is, which was refused in autumn 2006 on the grounds that the domain was contrary to public morals. A clause to this effect is included in the official award criteria.[4] Until 2007, the award criteria also prohibited the registration of a domain in the name of a natural person.[5]


As of April 2007, there were 75,000 .ie domains registered[6], and more than 170,000 in October 2011.[7] Despite the strict award criteria, the top-level domain is one of the ccTLDs with the highest growth, most recently eight percent more addresses were registered in the year. The registry generated revenues of 2.6 million euros this way.[7]

Security specialist McAfee voted .ie the 3rd most secure top-level domain in December 2009.[8] In 2012, a hacker nevertheless managed to also gain access to the domain name server via the detour of the CMS Joomla, which was used to operate the registry’s website. For a short time, this made it possible to manipulate the resolution of popular addresses such as[9]

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