Hüllhorst (locality)

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Community Hüllhorst
Wappen von Hüllhorst

Coordinates 52° 16′ 29″ N, 8° 40′ 9″ O

Height: 129 m above sea level
Area: 5,04 km²
Residents: 2761 (31 Dec. 2006)
Population Density: 548 inhabitants/km²
Zip code: 32609
Area code: 05744
Location of Hüllhorst in Hüllhorst

Hüllhorst is a district of the municipality of Hüllhorst in the North Rhine-Westphalian district of Minden-Lübbecke and was formerly an independent municipality. The village has about 2700 inhabitants. The village is the administrative centre of the municipality, but it is not its largest district in terms of area or number of inhabitants. Hüllhorst lies in the centre of the municipality and is the only district bordering only other districts of the municipality. Hüllhorst is a typical street village, i.e. the houses are mainly situated on both sides of the main road, which crosses the village from north to south. In addition, the village includes a few individual farms, such as Hobrink, and smaller hamlets and new housing estates. To the north, the buildings now merge seamlessly into the village of Ahlsen.

The church of the village Hüllhorst

Hüllhorst is the seat of the parish of the same name, which also includes the villages of Büttendorf, Ahlsen-Reineberg and Tengern.
Until 31 December 1972 Hüllhorst was a municipality with less than 2000 inhabitants in the Amt Hüllhorst (district of Lübbecke). The seat of the office was consequently in Hüllhorst.


The area of the village belongs completely to the Ravensberger Mulde. It is hilly, has a loess layer and is mainly used for agriculture. Streams have created numerous valleys, the best known of which is the Nightingale Valley. These valleys are essentially the grassland and the numerous small forests of the locality, popularly called “Busch”, which consist mainly of coppice woods. These woods occupy a comparatively small proportion of the area (about 5% of the surface), but give the area a park-like appearance.


In the last 20 years the village has changed a lot. Until the 1980s, there were only so-called corner shops within the village, where you could buy something at any hour of the day or night and which still bore the old-fashioned name colonial grocers. However, several modern supermarkets have since been built. However, other sub-centre facilities that the old village once had are no longer there, such as the former police station and post office.
Hüllhorst has, among other things, a petrol station, a driving school, a veterinary practice and a stationery shop.
Several bus stops guarantee the direct connection of the village to the middle centres Löhne, Bad Oeynhausen and Lübbecke.
The comprehensive school of the municipality of Hüllhorst is located in Hüllhorst.

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