Hubert Caldwell

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Hubert Augustus Caldwell (born December 26, 1907 in Oakland, California; † August 9, 1972 there) was a US rower

The 6-foot-8 Hubert Caldwell studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and was a member of the rowing team for the university’s Golden Bears sports team. At the 1928 Olympics, the Golden Bears ‘ eight of Marvin Stalder, John Brinck, Francis Frederick, William Thompson, William Dally, James Workman, Hubert Caldwell, Peter Donlon and cox Donald Blessing represented the United States. The U.S. rowers won all five races, defeating the British eight in the final. In doing so, they established a tradition of the Golden Bears rowing team, which also provided the winning eight in the Olympic final in 1932 and 1948.

Caldwell worked as an engineer at Piedmont after graduation

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