Higashidōri Nuclear Power Plant

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Higashidōri Nuclear Power Plant
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Kernkraftwerk Higashidōri (Präfektur Aomori)
Kernkraftwerk Higashidōri

Coordinates 41° 11′ 17″ N, 141° 23′ 25″ ECoordinates 41° 11′ 17″ N, 141° 23′ 25″ O
Country: Japan
Owner: Tōhoku Denryoku
Operator: Tōhoku Denryoku
Project start: 2000
Commercial operation: 8. Dec. 2005

Active Reactors (Gross):

1 (1100 MW)
Energy fed into the grid in 2010: 9.299 GWh
Energy fed into the grid since commissioning: 41.900 GWh
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Booth: 31. October 2015
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Distribution of seismic sources and crustal movements in 2016 around the nuclear power plant

The Higashidōri Nuclear Power Plant (jap.

, Higashidōri genshiryoku hatsudensho) is located on the eastern side of the Shimokita Peninsula in Higashidōri Municipality, Aomori Prefecture. The 3.58 km2 plant has been on the grid since 2005 and is owned by Tōhoku Denryoku.

The boiling water reactor built by Toshiba[1] boiling water reactor was built after the experience with Onagawa-3 and went into operation in 2005. Tohoku is planning another reactor of the ABWR type with 1,385 MW gross power.

On an adjacent 4.5 km2 site, Tōkyō Denryoku (TEPCO) also plans to build two 1.385 MW ABWR reactors. Construction of the first unit began in January 2011.[2] After the Fukushima nuclear disaster, TEPCO initially halted work.

On December 1, 2011, reported[3]TEPCO abandoned the construction of Unit 1 due to lack of funds. However, TEPCO denied this report.[4] In March 2014, the Tepco reactors were listed in both the IAEA’s PRIS and the WNA.

Data of the reactor units

The Higashidōri nuclear power plant has one unit:

Reactor Unit[5] Reactor type Net
Start of construction Mains syn-
cial operation
Higashidōri-1 (Tōhoku) Boiling water reactor 1067 MW 1100 MW 07.11.2000 09.03.2005 08.12.2005 Since 2/2011 in long-term standstill

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