Henry de Beaumont, 5. Earl of Warwick

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Henry de Beaumont, 5th Earl of Warwick (also Henry de Newburgh) (b. c. 1192; † 10 October 1229) was an English magnate

Henry de Beaumont was descended from the Anglo-Norman Beaumont family. He was the eldest son of Waleran de Beaumont, 4th Earl of Warwick and of his first wife Margery de Bohun. His father died while Henry was still a minor in 1203. Having sided with King John as late as 1212..,[1] he sided with the rebels in the First War of the Barons.[2] However, when after the War of the Barons the Regency Council under Hubert de Burgh reclaimed royal lands and castles still held by other barons since the Civil War, Beaumont supported the Regency Council.[3] In 1227, along with other magnates, he supported Richard of Cornwall, the younger brother of King Henry III, when he briefly rebelled in vain against his brother.[4]

By his first marriage, after 1205, he married Margery de Oilly, the eldest daughter of Henry de Oilly and of his wife Maud de Bohun. His wife became co-heiress of her father’s estates after his death and inherited Hook Norton in Oxfordshire. With her he had at least two children:

  • Thomas de Beaumont, 6th Earl of Warwick (after 1205-1242)
  • Margaret de Beaumont, Countess of Warwick († 1253)

After the death of his first wife, he married Philippa Basset, a daughter of Thomas Basset, Lord of Headington, who had been his guardian after the death of his father, by his second marriage before 1 May 1220.[5] The marriage remained childless.

His heir was his son by his first marriage Thomas de Beaumont, 6th Earl of Warwick. His widow Philippa married after his death in second marriage Richard Siward

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Waleran de Beaumont Earl of Warwick
Thomas de Beaumont