Hans Wolff (Kreisdirektor)

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Hans Wolff (* 19 December 1863 in Magdeburg; † 10 March 1942 in Giessen) was a German administrative lawyer, lastly district director of the district of Worms.


Wolff studied law in Tübingen and Giessen from the summer semester of 1884, where he was a member of the Corps Franconia and Teutonia respectively. In 1887 he passed the law faculty examination in Giessen. He completed his legal clerkship at the district court in Giessen and at the district office in Friedberg as well as with two lawyers in Giessen. He then served as a one-year volunteer. In April 1893 he passed the state examination for the judicial and administrative career. On 21 June 1893 he was appointed government assessor at the district office of Giessen. In 1894 he was a district attorney at the district courts of Giessen, Jungen and Licht. He was then transferred to the Offenbach District Office for further assignment. In 1895 he became a paid alderman of the city of Giessen. On May 1, 1902, he returned to the Hessian civil service and became Kreisamtmann at the district office in Worms. In 1905 he took up a post as district director of the district of Oppenheim. In 1919 he became district director in Worms. In 1929 he retired and settled back in Giessen.


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