Gypsy Hill

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Gypsy Hill
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Height 510 mabovesea level
Location Free State of Saxony, Germany
Mountain Zittau Mountains
Coordinates 50° 50′ 40″ N, 14° 46′ 17″ ECoordinates 50° 50′ 40″ N, 14° 46′ 17″O
Zigeunerberg (Sachsen)

Rock Sandstone

The Gypsy Mountain(510 m) is a mountain in the eastern part of the Zittau Mountains. Its forested peak is located in the municipality of Oybin.


The Zigeunerberg is located east of Oybin and north of Lückendorf on the boundary between the two villages; the boundary with Eichgraben runs across the northeast slope. Towards the east the mountain slopes down to the valley of the Pfaffenbach. To the southeast rises the Heideberg(549 m), to the south the Sommerberg (496 m), to the southwest the Brandhöhe (633 m)and the Scharfenstein (569 m), to thewest the Luisenhöhe (567 m) and theKleine Felsengasse as well as to the northwest the Töpfer (582 m).

The mountain is surrounded by Olbersdorf in the north, Eichgraben and Neuhartau in the northeast, Lückendorf in the south, Oybin in the west and Niederoybin and the Städtel in the northwest.


The Gypsy Mountain is a less prominent, wooded mountain, which is located in front of the mighty Potter to the southeast. On its summit, which offers no view, are several sandstone rocks. Other rocks rise from its northern slope, including the Geldstein and the Höllensteine. The mountain lies on a tectonic fault running westward from the upper Weißbach valley over the Karlsfried and the Heideberg, which turns sharply to the southwest at the Zigeunerberg and then continues below the Brandhöhe to the Fürstenhöhe.

South of the summit, the Haberkornweg leads from the Alte Gabler Straße via the Napoleonschmiede and Binis Hüttl in the Pfaffenbachtal coming to the Töpfer. To the west, the Geldsteinweg runs between the Zigeunerberg and Töpfer.


A remnant of a late Slavic vessel from the 11th or 12th century found on the slope of the Gypsy Hill is the oldest evidence of settlement in the fields of Lückendorf

Since the middle of the 19th century, a millstone quarry was operated on the eastern slope of the Gypsy Hill.[1]

In the course of the “Heimatgeschichtliche Lehrpfad Lückendorf” (local history trail Lückendorf), which was created by the Lückendorf Association for the Promotion of Culture and Tourism in the Euroregion Neisse e.V. from 2003 onwards, an access to the millstone quarry at the Zigeunerberg was also created by Binis Hüttl and an information board was erected.


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