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Gustav Karl Sylvester von Brauchitsch (born 31 December 1822 in Potsdam; † 17 September 1873 in Kassel) was a Prussian major general and commander of the 22nd Cavalry Brigade.



Gustav was a son of the Prussian General of Cavalry Karl von Brauchitsch (1780-1858) and his wife Karoline, née von Calbo (1790-1823). His brother Wilhelm (1820-1884) was a Prussian senior government councillor.

Military career

Brauchitsch attended the Knight’s Academy in Brandenburg an der Havel and the Royal Grammar School in Berlin. After graduation, he joined the 12th Hussar Regiment of the Prussian Army on January 15, 1840, and advanced to the rank of second lieutenant by mid-September 1840. For further training he completed the General War School from October 1846 to March 1848. On his return he became regimental adjutant and the following year took part in the suppression of the Baden Revolution. During the mobilization in 1850 Brauchitsch was adjutant of the 7th Cavalry Brigade. On 6 December 1853 he became premier lieutenant and adjutant of the 8th Cavalry Brigade. Brauchitsch rose to the rank of Rittmeister in early June 1857, and from 20 December 1857 was commanded as Eskadronführer to the 12th Landwehr Hussar Regiment. During the mobilization on the occasion of the Sardinian War he served as adjutant of the 4th Cavalry Division in 1859. On July 1, 1860, he was appointed eskadron commander in his parent regiment, and three months later was transferred to the Department of Army Affairs in the War Ministry. Brauchitsch returned to troop service as a major on March 25, 1865, with his appointment as a regular staff officer in the Westphalian Dragoon Regiment No. 7. In this position he took part in the battles of Münchengrätz and Königgrätz during the war against Austria in 1866.

After the conclusion of peace, Brauchitsch was transferred to the Dragoon Regiment No. 13 as commander on October 30, 1866, and advanced in this capacity to colonel by the end of June 1869. In the war against France in 1870/71 he led his regiment in the battles at Vionville, Gravelotte, Mantes, Maule, Cherizey, Nonancourt, Évreux, Alençon, Châteaudun and Bernay as well as in the siege of Paris. For his work he received, in addition to both classes of the Iron Cross, the Mecklenburg Military Cross of Merit II Class.

After the war he was appointed commander of the 22nd Cavalry Brigade on April 12, 1873, under position à la suite of his regiment, and was promoted to major-general on September 2, 1873. He died unexpectedly a fortnight later in Kassel.


Brauchitsch married Emma von Brauchitsch (1824-1865), a daughter of General Eduard von Brauchitsch, on 21 October 1850 in Potsdam. After her death he married Marie von Oertzen (1829-1892) on 28 April 1869 in Ludwigslust. The marriages produced nine children, five of whom reached adulthood:

  • Hans (* 1851), Prussian captain (ret.). ⚭ 1880 Klara von Witzleben (* 1855)
  • Kurt (1853-1897), Prussian head forester ⚭ 1881 Rosa Hartmann (1858-1900)
  • Friedrich (* 1856), mayor of Langenselbold
  • Karl (1858-1890), pastor ⚭ 1884 Frieda Willibrand (1858-1896)
  • Elisabeth (* 1870)


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