Gustav Hofmann (Politiker, 1798)

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Gustav Moritz Paul Hofmann (* 27 August 1798 in Hungen; † 9 October 1866 in Darmstadt) was Ober-Appellationsgerichtsrat, Member of Parliament and politician.



Gustav Hofmann was the son of the Regierungsrat Johann Ludwig Hofmann (1741-1808) and his wife Helene Caroline née Liebknecht (1759-1823). He married Eleonore Bertha Julie née Müller (1805-1877) on 18 May 1830.

Like his father and grandfather (his maternal grandfather, Franz Erhard Liebknecht, had been a judicial magistrate in Cleeberg), Gustav Hofmann chose a career in law. He studied law at the universities of Giessen and Jena from 1816. In 1817 he took part in the Wartburg Festival.


After his studies, he was a litigant in the general law office in Hungen, in 1822 court court advocate in Giessen and in 1825 assessor with vote (cum voto) at the district court of Nidda. From 1828 he was a district administrator in the district court of Nidda, before becoming a district judge in Friedberg in 1832. In 1865 he received the appointment as privy councillor of justice and became visitation commissioner of the town and country judges. In 1866 he became a member and councillor of the High Court of Appeal and Cassation in Darmstadt.

With the March Revolution Gustav Hofmann began to be politically active and represented conservative positions. In 1848 he became a member of the Frankfurt pre-parliament and later a member of the Frankfurt National Assembly. In 1849 he was a member of the Gotha post-parliament and in 1850 a member of the Erfurt parliament (Volkshaus).

He represented the electoral district of Oberhessen 14/City of Friedberg in the years 1851 to 1856 and the electoral district of Oberhessen 11/Butzbach in the Second Chamber of the Diet of the Grand Duchy of Hesse in 1856-1866. From 1851 to 1856 he was the third president of the 2nd Chamber of the Diet of the Grand Duchy of Hesse.


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