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Mäander der Östlichen Günz südlich von Ronsberg

Meander of the Östliche Günz south of Ronsberg

Water body code DE: 1158
Location Germany, Bavaria
River system Danube
Drainage via Danube → Black Sea
Origin near Lauben (confluence of eastern and western Günz)
48° 3′ 56″ N, 10° 18′ 6″ E
Source Height 575 mabove sea level
Mouth into the Danube near GünzburgCoordinates 48° 27′ 44″ N, 10° 16′ 32″ O
48° 27′ 44″ N, 10° 16′ 32″ O
Mouth height 440 mabovesea level
Height difference 135 m
Bottom slope 2,5 ‰
Length 55 km
Catchment area 710 km²
Discharge at Waldstetten gauge[1]
AEo: 594 km²
Location: 14.8 km upstream of the estuary
NNQ (12.12.1991)
MNQ 1955-2006
MQ 1955-2006
Mq 1955-2006
MHQ 19
HHQ (12.08.2002)
2.13 m³/s
3.55 m³/s
8.37 m³/s
14.1 l/(skm²)
65.4 m³/s

111 m³/s
Small towns Günzburg
Oberlauf der Östlichen Günz in Obergünzburg

Upper reaches of the Östliche Günz in Obergünzburg

The Günz is an approximately 55 km long right tributary of the Danube in the Upper Swabian Alpine foothills in Bavaria.


The name is said to derive from the Indo-European “*gheu” – “to pour” – in the sense of “watery river”.[2]


The Günz originates near Lauben in the district of Unterallgäu from the confluence of the Western and Eastern Günz and flows mainly in a northerly direction. It flows into the Danube from the right at Günzburg.

The Günz cold period, one of the main alpine glaciation periods, is named after the Günz.

Source Flows

Western Günz

The Westliche Günz is 19 km long and rises west of Obergünzburg in the municipality of Untrasried. It flows through Ottobeuren. In Westerheim it passes under the federal motorway 96 and then joins the Östliche Günz near Lauben.

Tributaries of the Western Günz

  • Bücklingsbach (right)
  • Rohrwegbach (left)
  • Moosmühlbach (right)
  • Schweinwaldbach (left)
  • Boschachbach (right)
  • Geisbach (right)
  • Schinderbachlein (left)
  • Schwelk (right)
  • Krebsbach (left)

Eastern Günz

The 17 km long Östliche Günz has its source in Günzach. It flows in a northerly direction through Obergünzburg, then runs parallel to the 2012 state road to Markt Rettenbach and crosses under the A96 at Erkheim. At Lauben, the Östliche Günz flows together with the Westliche Günz.

Tributaries of the Eastern Günz

  • Tobelbach (left, sometimes considered as headwaters)
  • Wifelsbach (left)
  • Salabach (right)
  • Stockerbächlein (right)
  • Riedbach (right)

Catchment area of the Günz

Catchment area

The 710 km² catchment area of the Günz stretches as a narrow 6 to 12 km wide strip from the terminal moraines of the Würmkal period
Iller-Wertach-Lech glacier along former glacial drainage channels[3]
north to the Danube.

Tributaries of the Günz

  • Klosterbeuren brook (left)
  • Auerbach (left)
  • Reutegraben (left)
  • Haselbach (right)
  • Schildbach (left)
  • Schwarzbach (left)
  • Hausener Bach (left)
  • Rohrbach (left)
  • Schnierbach (right)
  • Kötz (left)
  • Winterbach (right)
  • Denzinger Bach (right)
  • Bubesheimer Bach (left)
  • Riemgraben (right)

Places on the Günz

The valley of the eastern Günz near Ronsberg

Eastern Günz
  • Günzach
  • Obergünzburg
  • Ronsberg
  • Engetried
  • Rettenbach market
  • Gottenau
  • Sontheim
  • Schlegelsberg
  • Erkheim
Western Günz
  • Hopferbach
  • Ottobeuren
  • Westerheim
  • Günz
  • Arcades
  • Egg on the Günz
  • Babenhausen
  • Kettershausen
  • Tafertshofen
  • Breitenthal
  • Deisenhausen
  • Wattenweiler
  • Ellzee
  • Ichenhausen
  • Kötz
  • Wasserburg on the Günz
  • Günzburg


Some of the fish in the Günz are contaminated with PFCs and should therefore not be consumed.[4]

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