Grillenburg Triangle

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Motorcycle participant badge from the Grillenburg Triangle

One of the last original kilometer stones of the Grillenburg Sachsenring next to a historical signpost column in the Tharandt Forest

First commemorative plaque on the castle bridge in Grillenburg by 2010

Second commemorative plaque and historical photos in the inn Waldhof zu Grillenburg since 2011

Third commemorative plaque at the Grillenburg Castle Bridge (2013-15), renewed 2017

Start and finish of the popular vintage motorcycle commemorative rides, here at the first edition in 2005, in the courtyard of Grillenburg Castle

The Grillenburg Triangle was a motor racing circuit located in the Tharandt Forest between Grillenburg, Naundorf and Klingenberg-Colmnitz. It went down in history as the Grillenburg Triangle from 1927 to 1931 and then as the first Sachsenring until 1933. Today, commemorative rides still take place on the original course.

Direct precursors in the surrounding area of Dresden

From 1924 to 1926 three big triangular rides of the Dresden Motorcycle Club (DMC) 1914 took place on the Moritzburg Triangle (Moritzburg – Radeburg – Steinbach – Moritzburg, 28 km) near Dresden in the Moritzburg Forest (up to 50,000 spectators, 65-75 starters, 6-10 classes, 1 race each).

Racing events at the Grillenburg Triangle

On August 28, 1927, the first race took place on the Grillenburg Triangle (Grillenburg – Naundorf – Klingenberg – Grillenburg, 14.5 km) in the Grillenburg Forest as the 4th big triangular race of the DMC 1914 (35,000 spectators, over 80 starters, 9 classes, 2 heats). The second race on the same course was started on September 2, 1928 as the 5th big triangular race of the DMC 1914 (35,000 spectators, 84 starters, 9 classes, 2 heats). The race management and award ceremony took place at the Gasthof Grillenburg (today: Waldhof zu Grillenburg).

Interruption 1929-1931

In the years from 1929 to 1931 there was a ban on all racing on the main roads in Saxony.

On 9 May 1929, the 2nd Saxon Club Championships were held as an alternative solution by the Freiberg Motorcycle Club 1929 on secondary roads outside Freiberg. The 3rd Saxon Club Championship was held on 21 September 1930 on an interim basis on the circuit (military training area) operated by the Königsbrück Motorcycle Club since 1927.

Racing events at the 1st Sachsenring Grillenburg

The third race on the circuit now known as Sachsenring Grillenburg (Grillenburg-Naundorf-Klingenberg-Grillenburg, 14.5 km) was held on 21 June 1931, again in the Grillenburg Forest, as the second round of the German Motorcycle Road Championship (40,000 spectators, over 90 starters, 5 classes, 2 heats). On September 6, 1931, the fourth race was held on this course as the German and Saxon Motorcycle Club Championship (30,000 spectators, 78 starters, 2 classes, 2 heats). The fifth race followed on 10 July 1932 as the third round of the German Road Championship for motorcycles (60,000-80,000 spectators, over 120 starters, 7 classes, 3 heats). The race management and award ceremony again found accommodation in the Gasthof Grillenburg for these races.

The sixth and last race on the now shortened Sachsenring Grillenburg (Klingenberg-Grillenburg-Klingenberg, 12 km) as the fourth round of the German Motorcycle Road Championship and for the first time with a speed competition for racing and sports cars was held on 25 June 1933 (100,000 spectators, over 100 starters, 7 classes, 3 heats). The race management and award ceremony were at the changed start and finish location in the Sachsenhof Klingenberg.

Interruption 1933-1937 and continuation in Hohenstein-Ernstthal

After the two Badberg-Viereck races in 1927 and 1928 by the Hohenstein-Ernstthal Motorcyclists’ Club, founded in 1925, this race track was put back into operation in 1934, and after the Sachsenring Grillenburg was finally closed down, it was renamed Sachsenring in 1937, since, among other things, a planned new race track at the Pöhlberg in Annaberg failed in 1933-1934.[1]

Commemorative rides on the Sachsenring Grillenburg

The first commemorative vintage motorcycle ride on the Grillenburg Triangle – 1st Sachsenring was held on July 10, 2005 in Kurort Hartha and Grillenburg (approx. 175 participants, motorcycles built between 1927 and 1970, over 1,500 visitors) by the organizer Zweirad-Schubert from Kurort Hartha in cooperation with the Verkehrs- und Verschönerungsverein Tharandter Wald e. V. in the form of a ride and round trips on the original course. On July 15, 2007 the second vintage motorcycle memorial ride in Grillenburg followed (approx. 300 participants, motorcycles built between 1927 and 1970, over 2,000 visitors) with tours on the original course, organized by the vintage motorcycle friends from Kurort Hartha with the support of the Verkehrs- und Verschönerungsverein Tharandter Wald e. V. and sponsors, which has since taken place every two years. Thus, on July 19, 2009 the third, on July 17, 2011 the fourth and on July 7, 2013 the fifth commemorative ride was started, the last with 274 registered active participants. After the theft of the first notice board at the castle bridge in 2010, a memorial plaque was unveiled in the foyer of the Waldhof zu Grillenburg inn in January 2011 and a new notice board was placed at the bridge in 2013, but this was also stolen in 2015. It was not until June 2017 that a new notice board was erected at the same location prior to the 7th commemorative ride with 188 registered vehicles. The 8th vintage motorcycle commemorative ride for the anniversary 90 years – 1st Sachsenring took place in July 2019 with 214 registered participants.



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