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Gottlieb Ernst Klausen (* 6 September 1762 in Karlum; † 21 January 1851 in Altona) was a Danish teacher, poet and translator.

Life and work as a teacher

Gottlieb Ernst Klausen was the son of a pastor, his brother was Henrik Georg Clausen, the later Stiftspropst and main preacher of the Frauenkirche in Copenhagen. He studied philology at the University of Kiel and then went to the Christianeum. Here he worked from 1786 as subrector, from 1789 as conrector, and in 1794 took over the offices of professor and rector. Klausen taught until he was 79 years old. Since 1829 he wore the Dannebrogorden and was appointed Etatrat in 1842.

Gottlieb Ernst Klausen married in 1805 Amalie Juliane (* 1781 in Eutin; † 11 April 1849 in Altona), a daughter of the Kiel theologian and university teacher Jacob Christoph Rudolph Eckermann. The marriage produced the son Rudolf Heinrich Klausen.

Work as a poet and translator

In addition to his work as a teacher, Klausen wrote poems and speeches that were recited on festive occasions. The content of these works often dealt with historical events. He set many of his poems to music himself. He dedicated the poems to Johann Jakob Dusch, Paul Christian Henrici, Jacob Struve, Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstock, Heinrich Wilhelm von Gerstenberg and Caspar Siegfried Gähler, among others. He wrote further poems for Christian VII and Friedrich VI on their birthdays. On the occasion of the reopening of the Hamburg orphanage Klausen wrote a song in 1794. Another poem on the occasion of the anniversary of the “Museum” in 1801 was set to music by Friedrich Adam Hiller.

Klausen was considered a staunch Dane, and in 1817 published a voluminous book entitled Nordische Harfentöne oder gnomische Blumenlese aus dänischen Dichtern. On the occasion of his 50th anniversary of service in 1835 he published Collected Poems and Lectures in bound and unbound speech.[1] This collection, consisting of two volumes, included poems as well as other poetry and speeches he had delivered. Klausen also translated numerous poems from Danish into German.


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