Glow monitor

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Knob for preheating the engine on the far left. Below the oil pressure gauge (round instrument in the middle) the glow monitor (wire protected by perforated plate).

The glow monitor (also glow controller ) is a technical device for the starting process of a diesel vehicle.

Since the early years of diesel technology, it was necessary to preheat a diesel engine. From the 1950s to the 1980s, the preheating monitor (glow monitor) monitored this process. This design involved a wire through which current flowed. As soon as the preheating temperature of 1000 °C was reached, the wire glowed dark red and signalled to the driver that he could now initiate the starting process. In modern diesel vehicles, an indicator light informs the driver of the pre-glow status. As soon as the indicator light goes out, the diesel engine can be started.


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