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George Friedrich Hartung (* 18 December 1782 in Königsberg; † 4 April 1849) was a German printer, publisher and third-generation editor of the Königlich privilegierte preußische Staats-, Kriegs- und Friedenszeitung published in Königsberg.


Hartung was the son of the Königsberg bookseller, printer and publisher Gottlieb Lebrecht Hartung (1747-1797). His wife Sophie Charlotte Hartung continued the printing business as a widow, but the bookshop was sold and continues today as Gräfe und Unzer in the Ganske publishing group. George Friedrich Hartung first learned the printing trade in the family business from 1797 to 1799 and then studied law and philosophy at the Albertus University in Königsberg from September 1799. In 1817 he took over the management of the family business founded by his grandfather Johann Heinrich Hartung from his mother and ran it until shortly before his death; in 1848 he handed it over to his eldest son Georg Hartung, who later left the management of the company to his brother Hermann Hartung (1823-1901).[1] In 1834 George Friedrich Hartung was appointed Royal Court Printer. During the French period, the Hartung family was subjected to considerable repression by the French occupation.

When Frederick William IV and his wife Elisabeth Ludovika of Bavaria came to Königsberg on 29 August 1840 to pay homage, Hartung put his house in Schönbusch at their disposal. There they could rest and receive a first deputation of the magistrate, the city councillors and the merchants.[2]

Hartung was active in local politics as a liberal councillor and was made an honorary citizen of Königsberg.


  • The first time that a student of the University of Königsberg has been a student of the University of Königsberg, the first time that a student of the University of Königsberg has been a student of the University of Königsberg. Hartungsche Hof- und Universitäts-Buchdruckerei, Königsberg 1825.
  • Academic Book of Remembrance for those who entered Königsberg University in the years 1817 to 1844: Published on the Occasion of the Third Secular Celebration of the University. Hartungsche Hof- und Universitäts-Buchdruckerei, Königsberg 1844. (Digitalisat)

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