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Georg Völkel (* 17 June 1902[1]; † unknown) was a German stage and film actor.


Georg Völkel found a wide field of activity as a stage actor especially on stages in Berlin for several decades

In the 1930s, Völkel was engaged at the Theater am Kurfürstendamm. There, for example, he played “Don Luis”, brother of “Don Juan”, in Veit Harlan’s production of Dame Kobold in 1935,[2] and in 1937 in Paul Wegener’s production of August Strindberg’s Totentanz. The following year he appeared at the Lessing Theater. From the 1940s to the 1970s, Völkel was a member of the ensemble of the Schloßparktheater and the Schiller Theater. Here he played for many years under Boleslaw Barlog, as in 1948 in his production of Fritz Hochwälders holy experiment, in Carl Zuckmayers Des Teufels General,[3] as “Ocky Milchmann” in Unter dem Milchwald by Dylan Thomas and in 1960 in Jean Giraudoux’s Madman of Chaillot. In 1959 he appeared in Schiller’s Robbers at the Schiller Theatre, directed by Fritz Kortner. Several times he impersonated roles by Henrik Ibsen such as Regine “Engstrand” in the Ghosts and in 1979 “Sandstad” in Supports of Society directed by Rolf Schult at the Schloßparktheater.[4]

From the 1930s Völkel also took on various roles in film. He played Ralph Arthur Roberts’ son in Robert A. Stemmle’s comedy Es tut sich was um Mitternacht, in Veit Harlan’s crime film Verwehte Spuren, in the tendentious Das Gewehr über as well as in Arnold Fanck’s last film production, the adventure film Ein Robinson. After World War II, however, Völkel was rarely seen in films or later on television. These include R. A. Stemmle’s post-war satire Berliner Ballade and the adaptation of Goethe’s Clavigo with Klaus Kammer in the title role.

Völkel also worked as a narrator for radio play productions.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1934: Things happen at midnight
  • 1935: Barcarole
  • 1935: The girl Johanna
  • 1937: In camera
  • 1938: Between the parents
  • 1938: Blown away traces
  • 1939: The police radio reports
  • 1939: The rifle over
  • 1940: A Robinson
  • 1948: Berlin Ballad
  • 1964: Clavigo

Radio plays (selection)

  • 1950: Special characteristics?, RIAS, Director: Hanns Korngiebel
  • 1950: The audacious operation, RIAS, Director: Hanns Korngiebel
  • 1951: The Trial, NWDR, Director: Willi Schmidt
  • 1960: The Sounding Musician, RIAS, Director: Hanns Korngiebel
  • 1961: Count Öderland, SFB, Director: Hans Lietzau
  • 1964: Leonce and Lena, RIAS, Director: Willi Schmidt

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