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Transmontana von Softronic für Rumänien
Transmontana from Softronic for Romania
Numbering: 4001–4008
Quantity: 8
Manufacturer: Softronic
Year(s) of manufacture: 2018–
Axis formula: Co’Co’
Gauge: 1435 mm (standard gauge)
Length: 20.700 mm
Width: 3.000 mm
Pivot spacing: 10.300 mm
Bogie axle stand: 4.350 mm
Service Mass: 123 t
Wheelset driving mass: 21,5 t
Top speed: 160 km/h
Installed Power: 6000 kW
Driving wheel diameter: 1.250 mm
Power System: 15 kV 16.7 Hz ~
25 kV 50 Hz ~
Power transmission: Overhead line
Number of traction motors: 6 Asynchronous motors
91 74 0004 0XX-Y S-GC
XX = serial number
Y = control digit

The GC Mb class is a freight locomotive series for the Swedish railway company Green Cargo.


After testing a locomotive in Sweden in 2015, Green Cargo ordered two locomotives of the Softronic Transmontana series from the Romanian vehicle manufacturer Softronic in Craiova in 2017. Softronic was founded in 1999 and initially dealt mainly with the conversion and modernisation of older locomotives. In 2008, Softronic started its own production, which in 2010 resulted in a new six-axle locomotive called Transmontana, among others. Locomotives of this type were previously sold to DB Schenker Rail Romania SRL and Hungary’s CER Cargo.

Green Cargo has not had its own six-axle locomotive in its fleet since the last GC Ma (I) and GC Ma (II) were withdrawn or sold between 2012 and 2014. The Transmontana locomotive is given the class designation Mb.

For construction and transfer, the locomotives had been given the construction designations LEMA 032 and 033 by the manufacturer and the UIC numbers 91 53 0 480032-8 and 91 53 0 480033-6.[1][2]

In April 2018, Green Cargo decided to order a further six Transmontana locomotives. The first two production locomotives 4001 and 4002 arrived in Trelleborg on 5 July 2018,[3] the remaining six were delivered in 2019.[3] A further eight locomotives are scheduled to follow by the end of 2021.[4]

Technical data

With an output of 6000 kW, the locomotive can haul freight trains of up to 3000 tons. This makes them almost twice as powerful as Green Cargo’s Rc locomotives, which can handle a train weight of 1600 tonnes with 3600 kW. Thus, one Mb locomotive can replace two Rc4 locomotives connected with multiple traction.

The locomotives can operate at both 25 kV 50 Hz and 15 kV 16.7 Hz and can be used in Denmark if necessary, provided the necessary safety systems are installed. They have regenerative brakes that take the topography of the lines into account to make driving as energy-efficient as possible.


The locomotives are named after Swedish waterfalls:

  • 001: Njupeskär
  • 002: Tännforsen
  • 003: Sjöfallet
  • 004: Silverfallet
  • 005: Stalpet
  • 006: Älgafallet
  • 007: Ristafallet
  • 008: Hallamölla

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