Futurama: Bender’s Game

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German title Futurama: Bender’s Game
Original title Futurama: Bender’s Game
Country of production USA
Original language English
Year of publication 2008
Length 87 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Dwayne Carey-Hill
Script Eric Horsted
David X. Cohen
Production Lee Supercinski
Claudia Katz
Music Christopher Tyng
Edited by Paul D. Calder

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Futurama: Bender’s Game is a 2008 feature-length science fiction animated film, the third of four films based on the television series Futurama, together representing its fifth production and sixth broadcast season. The direct-to-DVD production was released in its country of production, the United States on November 4, 2008, in the United Kingdom the day before, and in Germany on December 5, 2008. The title is a reference to the novel Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.


After Dark Matter prices skyrocket due to an artificial shortage, Prof. Farnsworth bans flying the Planet Express spaceship unless absolutely necessary. However, Leela goes on a challenge to a demolition derby. While she wins, the ship is severely demolished in the process. As punishment for Leela wasting valuable fuel, rather than for demolishing the ship, she is forced to wear a shock collar. This emits electric shocks whenever she has aggression, thinks of erotic things, or lies. She is told to wear the collar so she can get her aggression under control. Meanwhile, Bender sees that Cubert Farnsworth is playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, but can’t join in because he supposedly has no imagination. However, with some effort, he does manage to imagine something, and as time goes on, Bender settles more and more into his character, Titanius Anglesmith. When Fry tells Professor Farnsworth about this hobby, he warns Fry that role-playing robots leads to a loss of reality. Fry then tries to stop Bender from playing, but Bender is already addicted, no longer recognizes reality and ends up in the HAL Institute for deranged robots.

Prof. Farnsworth gets it on a TV interview that Mom has the only dark matter mine in the world and is artificially shorting the supply so she can make more money. In the process, Farnsworth tells her that he accidentally converted the dark matter into fuel during a trivial experiment, creating two crystals: an energy crystal and an anti-reverse crystal that Farnsworth keeps hidden. Should the crystals ever meet, all Dark Matter would be useless, however Prof. Farnsworth has no memory of where he put the dodecahedral crystal. Cubert found it and used it as a cube. Mom sends her three sons Igner, Larry and Walt to Planet Express to retrieve the crystal, however they don’t make it, however Professor Farnsworth finds the crystal on the ground. He suspects why Mom wanted to steal it and sets off with Leela and Fry to the mine to unite the crystals and foil Mom’s plans.

At the mine, the three discover that it is just a farm of Nibblonians whose excrement is Dark Matter. They are surprised by Igner, who overheard Mom telling Walt and Larry a frightening secret. Igner helps them escape from his brothers for this reason, however they are confronted in Mom’s office. Farnsworth then swallows the anti-crystal to keep it out of Mom’s hands. Ignar, carrying the energy crystal, approaches Professor Farnsworth, whereupon Dark Matter reacts strangely due to the approach of the crystals. A shockwave is discharged by Bender, who has stowed a large amount of Dark Matter in his torso because he thought Nibbler’s excrement was loot from his campaign, transporting those involved to an alternate universe based on Bender’s imagination.

After Frydo (Fry) and Leegola (Leela) are found by Titanius Angelsmith (Bender), they are attacked by Mom’s sons and happen to defeat them with the crystal that functions as a cube. They meet with the wizard Greyfern (Prof. Farnsworth) and learn that the crystal or “Cube of Power” was created by the witch Momon (Mom) and they must go to the geysers of Gygax to destroy the Cube. In the process, the four meet Hermaphrodite (Hermes), the leader of the Centaurs, who unwillingly lets them move across their land. At the tunnel entrance where Morks dwell, Gynecaladriel (Amy) helps them get into the cave. In the cave they meet a giant lobster-like creature (Zoidberg), which Leegola later cuts off the head which lives on.
With Momon’s army blocking the way to the geysers of Gygax, Titanius Angelsmith, Gynecaldriel and Greyfern travel to Wipecastle to summon the King’s army, Frydo staying behind because the Cube has taken possession of him.
Momon’s army then attacks Wipecastle, just before their victory, Leela comes to the rescue with the centaurs
Afterwards, Titanius Angelsmith, Gynecaldriel, Leela, and Greyfern move to the geysers of Gygax.

After Igner tells the professor the secret that he is the professor’s son and Momon has the Cube, the Cornwood universe collapses and Farnsworth is able to unite and thus destroy both crystals, rendering Dark Matter useless.


20th Century Fox Home Entertainment released the film on November 4, 2008, on DVD[1] and on Blu-ray Disc.[2]


In the opening sequence, the spaceship flies through various series of numbers, not random numbers, but the base of the natural logarithm (Euler’s number e = 2.718281828459…).

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