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Erfüllte Zeit is the title of a radio programme which Ö1 has been broadcasting every Sunday and public holiday from 7.05 a.m. to 8.00 a.m. since 6 June 1993.

Erfüllte Zeit deals with the importance of religion for life. Martin Gross is the responsible editor of the programme, which is presented by Brigitte Krautgartner, Markus Veinfurter and Martin Gross.

The title of the show alludes to the meaning of the word kairos for an appropriate time.

Fixed elements of the programme

  • The Gospel of the day (according to the reading order of the Roman Catholic Church), or once a month the Protestant sermon text, read by Peter Matić
  • A homily on this
  • Articles and reports deal with the many different aspects of religious life
  • The parish from which the radio service is broadcast on Ö2 is introduced.
  • sacred music

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