Florian Emslander

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Florian Emslander is a former German football player.


Emslander played for the Berlin Thunderbirds, then the Berlin Eagles. The 1.98 meter tall defensive player was in the service of the Dresden Monarchs until 2005.[1] In 2006 he joined the Italian team Bergamo Lions, with whom he became national champion.[1] At the 2007 World Championship, Emslander won the third-place game against Sweden with the German team.[2] He returned to the Berlin Eagles, with whom he won the EFAF Cup in 2008 and the German championship in 2009.[3]

He was part of the squad for the German national team that became European champions in 2010; Emslander himself was injured in the European Championship opener.[4] In the 2012 playing year, Emslander was on the pitch for the Calanda Broncos,[5] with whom he won the Swiss championship and the Eurobowl.[6] In the run-up to the 2013 season, he again joined the Berlin Eagles.[1]

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