Federation of German Landscape Architects

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Association of German Landscape Architects
Logo des Verbands
Chair: Till Rehwaldt
Founding Date: 29.10.1913
Membership: 1300
Seat: Berlin

The Association of German Landscape Architects(BDLA) is the professional association of German landscape architects.

There are about 1300 members, including about 800 freelance landscape architects. In addition to the bdla national association, there are 13 bdla regional groups in Germany, whose competencies relate to the respective federal states.
The bdla sees itself as the mouthpiece for self-employed, salaried and civil servant landscape architects and young professionals.
It carries out public relations work for the profession and represents its interests and positions vis-à-vis politics, administration and business. In addition to training and further education, it is concerned with securing and expanding the fields of activity of landscape architects at federal and state level.
Internationally, the association is active in the International Federation of Landscape Architects(IFLA) and in IFLA Europe (European region of IFLA; formerly EFLA).


The association was founded on 29 October 1913 in Frankfurt am Main as the Bund Deutscher Gartenarchitekten(BDGA). Further key data:

  • 29. October 1913: Foundation of the Association of German Garden Architects
  • 19. June 1948: Re-foundation of the Association of German Garden Architects in Hanover, 80 participants from all four occupation zones
  • 1954: Admission of the BDGA to the International Federation of Landscape Architecture, formation of committees in the BDGA, among others. Competitions, cultivation of young talent, fees committee, press and advertising, economic policy and scientific issues; establishment of a federal office in Bonn
  • 25./26 January 1972: Renamed the Association of German Landscape Architects (bdla)
  • 13. February 1990: Founding member of the European Foundation for Landscape Architecture EFLA
  • 25. October 1996: Relocation of the federal office from Bonn to Berlin to the Deutsches Architekturzentrum (German Centre for Architecture)



The presidium manages the fate of the association in accordance with the statutes and the resolutions of the advisory board as the highest decision-making body of the bdla. The members of the executive committee and especially the president represent the association internally as well as externally. President of the association is Till Rehwaldt (Dresden).[1]

Federal Association

The Federal Association represents the interests of its members at national and European level. It maintains close contacts with, among others, the Federal Chamber of Architects, planners’, engineers’ and nature conservation associations, the parliamentary groups of the German Bundestag and individual members of parliament. The aim of this specialist and lobbying work is to introduce the interests of landscape architects into politics and administration, in particular into current legislative procedures. Furthermore, the Federal Association organises specialist and advanced training events, both on questions of planning and design, on construction technology and management, as well as on current developments and legal issues.

At the same time, the Federal Association, with its office in the German Centre for Architecture in Berlin, is the point of contact for members and the professional public, for building owners and clients. It is organised as a registered association.[2]

National Groups

The mutual exchange on specialist topics, the support of colleagues among each other and the joint discussion of everyday professional life are the pillars of the association’s work in the 13 regional groups. The regional groups are usually assigned to the respective federal state. Exceptions are the merged regional groups in Berlin/Brandenburg, Lower Saxony/Bremen and Rhineland-Palatinate/Saarland.


The spokespersons represent professional positions both internally and externally. They are the experts and contact persons for certain specialist topics and work for the bdla in various committees and working groups, e.g. at ministries, chambers and associations. Their work is partly supported by corresponding working groups of the bdla.

Working groups

For the purpose of discussion, nationwide working groups have been set up, composed of experts in the respective subject area. The members of these working groups are elected and provided by the regional groups. There are the working groups Training, Landscape Planning, Public Relations and Urban Planning.

Subject positions

The association takes a position on current professional discussions and developments and publishes articles on them. The main topics are: Education and training, professional profile, German Landscape Architecture Award, Europe and international affairs, open space planning and garden art, garden shows, landscape planning and nature conservation, nature conservation, building and planning law, public relations, economics, fees and contracts, sports facility planning and competition.


The association offers specialist and further training events throughout Germany. The offer ranges from questions of construction technology to environmental and nature conservation law topics to the topics of building culture, garden art and open space design.
Annually recurring events are, for example, the Planners’ Forum, an excursion event that takes place in a different city each year, or the Site Manager Talks, a professional conference.

German Landscape Architecture Award

Every two years, the bdla launches a competition for the German Landscape Architecture Award. The prize is awarded to exemplary projects and their authors. The subject is contemporary socially and ecologically oriented open space and landscape planning. Outstanding planning achievements that demonstrate aesthetically sophisticated and innovative solutions are honoured. Since 2002, the award-winning projects from each year have been published in a book published by the bdla (see Literature).


  • Richard Schreiner (1961-1967)[3]
  • Adolf Schmitt (1967-1973)
  • Dieter Strube (1973-1977)[4]
  • Adolf Schmitt (1977-1981)
  • Arno Sighart Schmid (1983-1989)[5]
  • Holger Haag (1989-1995)[6]
  • Teja Trüper (1995-2001)[7]
  • Adrian Hoppenstedt (2000-2006)[8]
  • Andrea Gebhard (2007-2014)[9]
  • Till Rehwaldt (since 2014)[10]

Honorary President:

  • since 1983 Adolf Schmitt


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