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The location Escherndorfer Lump above the village

The so-called Escherndorfer Lump (until 1972 only Lump) is one of the most famous vineyards in the Franconia growing area. It is located in the district of Escherndorf, Volkach, in the district of Kitzingen.

Geographical position and geology

The vineyard site rises within the Mainschleife near Volkach on the approximately 275 mabove sea level Escherndorfer Berg, also known as Vogelsberg. To the north is the Vogelsburg monastery church, while to the east is the Astheimer Karthäuser site. In the south, the Main flows past, and in the west, interrupted by the village of Escherndorf, the vineyard Escherndorfer Fürstenberg follows. In total, the Escherndorfer Lump occupies an area of about 25 hectares.[1]

The floodplain below the vines is sandy and only slightly fertile. Above it begins the arched escarpment that stretches from west to east. The vines were planted on rocks of the Upper Muschelkalk. Today, the site is part of the Volkacher Kirchberg vineyard in the Volkacher Mainschleife area.

For some years now, there has been a viewing platform above the vineyard, as well as several information boards about the climate at the Volkacher Mainschleife and the effects of the weather on viticulture. The panels were erected as “magical places of Franconian wine” and are part of the so-called terroir f.[2]



The grapevine is first documented on the Mainschleife in 906. In a document, King Ludwig the Child confirmed his father’s donations to the Fulda monastery. In addition to several places, vineyards around Vogelsburg Castle had also come to the Bonifatius Abbey. However, it is probable that wine was already brought to the region by the Frankish settlers in the 7th century.[3]

In the course of the foundation of a Carmelite monastery on the Vogelsberg in 1282, the mountain became a contiguous wine-growing area. In 1316, the village of Escherndorf was first mentioned as “villa Escherichsdorf” (village of Escherichsdorf). At that time the population already consisted almost exclusively of winegrowers and winegrowers. The Ebrach monastery, which ruled over part of the village after 1500, also owned several vineyards on the mountain.

The vineyard itself was first mentioned in 1655. Six vineyards were to be found on the parcel, which was called “Am Lumppen”. In 1710, the vineyard was mentioned again. In 1810 it already consisted of seven vineyards and had an area of 0.9 ha. In 1851, the site consisted of a total of eight vineyards and the area had shrunk to 0.6 ha. In 1912, the large Lump vineyard was created, with over 37.5 hectares at times.[4] Since 1972, it has been part of the Volkacher Kirchberg vineyard.

Goethe and the Rascal

The poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a great purchaser of Franconian wines. Besides the wines from the Würzburger Stein and some vineyards from Wertheim, he also ordered barrels of the Escherndorfer Lumps from two wine merchants in Schweinfurt. His son August von Goethe maintained a lively correspondence with them on behalf of his father. On July 10, 1819, he wrote:

“The Escherndorf 1798 wine sent to us so far by Your Worshipfulness has earned my father’s applause, and if you can continue to provide us with such wine, it will be a pleasure for me to be able to renew my orders. For the time being, I request Your Reverence to send us another two-bucket barrel of said Escherndorfer 1798 wine as soon as possible. However, I note that my father pays particular attention to the greatest equality in wine and especially loves when such wines retain their natural color. I am looking forward to receiving your order as soon as possible and would like to offer you my best regards

August von Goethe[5]

Name origin

The origin of the name Lump is disputed. In the Middle Ages, people who cursed, drank and blasphemed were called Lumpen. Possibly the Escherndorf winegrowers also worked in patched clothes on the steep slope and therefore received the epithet Lump. This name was later transferred to the field name and the location. Possibly the name also goes back to the appearance of the short and narrow parcels of land, which looked like gray rags or rags after rain showers.[6]

Wineries (selection)

Today, several renowned wineries own vines on the slopes of the Vogelsberg. In addition to some locally recognized wineries, there are also several nationally known winegrowers in Escherndorf. Several estates have been awarded by the Verband Deutscher Prädikats- und Qualitätsweingüter (VDP). The site was classified as Erste Lage by the VDP.[7]

The Volkach vineyards

  • Bocksbeutelhof, Escherndorf
  • Winery Am Lump, Escherndorf[8]
  • Winery am Stein, Würzburg
  • Brennfleck Winery, Sulzfeld
  • Winery Egon Schäffer, Escherndorf
  • Winery Horst Sauer, Escherndorf[9]
  • Juliusspital Winery, Würzburg
  • Winery Max Müller I, Volkach
  • Winery Michael Blendel, Escherndorf
  • Winery Michael Fröhlich, Escherndorf
  • Winery Rainer Sauer, Escherndorf[10]
  • Urban Zang Winery, Escherndorf[11]
  • Winery Walter and Sabine Erhard, Volkach
  • Winery Zur Schwane, Volkach
  • Winegrowers’ cooperative Franken, Repperndorf
  • Sommerach vintners, Sommerach[12]


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