Emilia Bicchieri

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Emilia Bicchieri, religious name (b. 1238 in Vercelli, Piedmont; † 3 May 1314 ibid) was an Italian Dominican nun, prioress, blessed and mystic


Cathedral of Sant’Eusebio in Vercelli

Emilia Bicchieri, daughter of noble parents, decided at the age of 16 to become a religious in the II Order of the Dominican Sisters. Her father supported her vocation and bought an empty convent outside Vercelli. At the age of 19 she made her profession and at 20 she became prioress. She became known especially for her mystical visions, which often had the Eucharist as their subject.

The popular veneration of Emilia Bicchieri as a Blessed was confirmed by Pope Clement XIV on 19 July 1769. Her relics were transferred to the Cathedral of Sant’Eusebio in Vercelli in 1811. Her feast in the liturgy is 3 May, in the Dominican Order 4 May.


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