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Editorial management is still a young function in journalism and describes the economically oriented management of an editorial department. The goal is the efficient use of available resources (money, personnel, technology) in order to achieve journalistic and business goals in equal measure.

The chief of staff often acts as the editorial manager. In some editorial departments there is a specially created position, the “managing editor”. Increasingly, editors-in-chief also see themselves as result-oriented managers and less as politically oriented publicists.

As editorial teams increasingly manage several output platforms simultaneously (cross-media publishing, often supported by an editorial system and/or a content management system), a permanent process of change is necessary. Classic editorial structures, such as the functional structure in departments, are being replaced by interdisciplinary and thematically composed teams as well as separation of roles. Supraregional newspapers, magazines and radio stations are increasingly working with centralized large-scale organizations (“newsroom”, “newsdesks”).

In the German media crisis since 2001, editorial offices have been merged, closed and outsourced. Since then, editors have increasingly taken care of editorial management themselves and have given more assignments to freelance journalists. Communication science points out that under these developments the quality of media products could decline.

Tasks of the editorial management

  • Organization, procedures and processes within an editorial office
  • Interface to the commercial and technical departments
  • Technology and innovation management
  • Performance measurement, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of user behaviour, user communication
  • Human Resources Management
  • Budget planning and controlling, active cost management (for profit centers additionally profit planning on editorial and product basis, internal billing)
  • Quality assurance
  • Editorial Marketing


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