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Edgar Dahl (* 1962 in Schwerin) is a German bioethicist and philosopher.


Edgar Dahl first studied theology in the GDR and came to the Federal Republic in 1988. He studied philosophy and biology at the universities of Gießen, Göttingen and Melbourne. Specializing in questions of bioethics, he most recently taught at the Institute for History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine at the University of Münster.

In his first books he takes a position critical of religion, but in 2017 he engages in historical revisionism in his book Why They Followed Hitler: The Other Half of the Truth. With regard to the Second World War, he sees the main war guilt not with Adolf Hitler, but with Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Allies.[1]

Dahl is the author of articles on the New Right platform of the magazine eigentümlich frei.

Writings (selection)

  • In the beginning was egoism. Tracing the Origins of Human Behavior. Econ, Düsseldorf/Vienna/New York 1991, ISBN 978-3-430-11997-9.
  • (Ed.): The Doctrine of Mischief. Fundamental Criticism of Christianity. Carlsen, Hamburg 1993, ISBN 978-3-551-85012-6; Goldmann, Munich 1995, ISBN 978-3-442-12590-6.
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  • with Dieter Birnbacher (ed.): Giving death a helping hand. Physician-assisted suicide and public policy. An international perspective. Springer, 2008, ISBN 978-94-007-8688-2.

Self-published publications

  • Does God Exist? An introduction to criticism of religion for young people. NIBE, Alsdorf 2017, ISBN 978-3-9818366-0-8.
  • Why they followed Hitler. The other half of the truth. NIBE, Alsdorf 2017, ISBN 978-3-947002-27-6(online).
  • The first casualty of war is the truth. How the USA planned the Second World War. Alitheia, Alsdorf 2019, ISBN 978-3-96607-035-5.
  • My life, my death, my choice. A plea for physician-assisted suicide. NIBE, Alsdorf 2019, ISBN 978-3-96607-043-0.

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Individual references

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